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Long-time fan of Mr Silvers. From my earliest experience of seeing Sgt.Bilko on BBC Television in the 1950's right up to present day having purchased the Sgt.Bilko Box set. Congratulations on this wonderful site and your continued efforts in preserving Phil's memory!
Met guy from.society at Renown Film Festival earlier this year. Asked about New Phil Silvers Show - ever be released on.dvd ?
My dad and I loved the Phil Silvers Show and I learned many of the scripts by heart after I bought a second hand book of ten of his best episodes. I was called up for National Service in 1968 and I’m proud to say I based my military career on Sergeant Bilko. It did get me into some trouble of course.

BPSAS: Fantastic story Joe.....
As a kid in 70s watched many American show, and there were many many great shows for kids,but during afternoons in Scotland Bilko was on ,and I and my family loved it,to me the first greatest sitcom,with the greatest cast,and as a show inspired so many, comedies writers thanks to the genius of Hiken ,the Elvis of comedies,and have been watching it for the past 40 years,as even when seen the shows many many times,I still watch and laught,truly is and will always be the greatest.๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ณ๓ ฃ๓ ด๓ ฟ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ณ๓ ฃ๓ ด๓ ฟ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ณ๓ ฃ๓ ด๓ ฟ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ณ๓ ฃ๓ ด๓ ฟ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ณ๓ ฃ๓ ด๓ ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡งโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ
I have admired comics and comic actors since I was little, but it was with awe and astonishment that "Bilko" provided endless joy, week after week. The basic formula was constant, but the pure genius of the Silvers/Hiken laugh-o-rama kept it as fresh as a daisy, week after week. Any one episode stands as an example of how to make the unseen consumer happier than they were moments before. The opposite was possible, if an episode was missed, before the days of video recorders!
That's not to forget the inspired casting of every one of the supporting cast, and the featured guests, such as Fred Gwynne long before he became "level-headed". They live on in our hearts.
If ever I want to cheer myself up, out comes the complete Bilko DVD collection (probably my most cherished possession) and in no time at all I am as happy as Larry! The sheer genius and breathtaking talent of Silvers is wondrous to behold and one cannot escape the immense enjoyment the whole cast radiate in their performance of this truly remarkable comedy show. Long live Bilko!
How fantastic to find this website, having recently purchased the complete Phil Silvers Show dvd boxset. I remember watching many episodes of "Bilko" with my grandparents on reruns in the UK throughout my teenage years, they are timeless brilliance! I've noticed in the pilot episode a few actors that didn't make the final cast list, I'd love to find out who they were. Does anyone know where I can find out?

Thanks Darry....if you have any questions about the pilot you'd like answered ask away. Happy to know you have the boxset. We worked extensively on the release,
Just introduced Bilko to my two teenage daughters. They are enchanted by Phil Silvers and it's wonderful to pass on another of the "Greats" to them as my father did to me. God bless Phil Silvers.

So happy to hear you are helping to bring Phil's genius to a new generation Teresa!
Wonderful site...full of such happy memories of Phil and his brilliant life and career. Thank you once again!
Timeless genius that puts modern foul mouthed so called comedians to shame. How I have enjoyed these episodes over the decades. From the hapless Colonel to an innocent visitor to the motor pool, the casting was always flawless. Quality writing that showpieces the highest traditions of US humour and puts the lie to the facile denigration of the USA as unsophisticated and lacking intelligence. Funny how a string of shows from over the pond would feature in most discerning people’s favourites. This remains right up there. Thanks for the laughter.
Phil Silvers is fantastic. Loved him as Bilko and have seen many of his films. Thanks for this wonderful website!
Having just found this site, I am brought back to the joy of watching Phil Silvers. On TV as Bilko, as Likus in A Funny Thing, dancing in the MGM musicals, appearing with his clarinet on TV in the 50's. Late one night in NY, when I was about 12 years old around 1952, my friend and I had just seen a basketball game at Madison Square Garden and were returning to our car on 8th Avenue. It was parked behind a theatre, the street was deserted and as we approached the car, Phil Silvers came out of the stage door and was walking toward us. We knew who he was - he was the King of Broadway. He stopped to talk to us and we chatted for over 10 minutes under the dim street lights. He was a gentleman and one of the funniest comic actors of all time. Hail Likus!
Even appreciated abroad :D
Can anyone tell which episode had Sgt Bilko visiting another sgt's married quarters and while the wife talked non stop the husband was repeatedly saying 'shutup...shutup'? Thank you.

John, the episode you mention was called Dinner At Sowici's!
Hey fellas...fantastic website. As a boy in the late 50's I remember first watching Phil as Sgt.Bilko. It's as funny today as it ever was and I'm thrilled that Forces TV have been showing it.
Is President Trump as Phil Silver’s fan? Trump’s hilarious take down of Steve Bannon as “Sloppy Steve” recalls the Bilko episode ‘Bilko on Wall St’. In an attempt to denigrate a top Wall St executive Phil goes in the attack: “William indeed... in intimate circles we know him as Willy the bungler.
i love you phil!!!!!!
Just loved this man. What a genius, he was just so fantastic and funny in ' mad mad mad mad world. Stole the show.
As a chikd of the '50's I was lucky enough to be around the first time Bilko was shiwn on the BBC. All these years later I'm still a fan and the shiw is as funny as it ever was. Thanks to all involved in this thoroughly informative website and a deserved tribute to Phil and the gang.
Bilko was my all time favorite comedy and some of the episodes (Harry Speakup) are classics> I have an autographed photo of Phil that I cherish.
Fantastic tribute to a wonderful comedian! A stunning website dedicated to TV's rascally Sgt.Bilko! Well done to all concerned!
I had the pleasure of watching Bilko as a boy in the 1950's and really enjoyed the fun that Phil generated.
I had the pleasure of meeting Steve at Fargo Village today and I'd totally recommend both visiting and supporting their worthy efforts.
Totes amazing !
Phil Silvers was a genius when that word meant something and it's testimony to this site that it doesn't detract from Phil's memory in the least. I'll be a frequent visitor to this amazing resource, great work! Now, relax you commandos :)

Got to agree with you there Dave! Thanks for your kind words about the site and don't forget...we'll be Gladaseeya anytime!
Absolutely loved the shows for as long as I can ever remember. Nothing but sheer laughter. Truly the best comedy series ever and it never seems to go stale no matter how many times these are watched. Brilliant!

Thank you all.
Just discovered your website - brilliant. I'm an avid collector of Bilkos memorabilia (Phils) and will look on in this site again. Well done.
I'm a little bit smitten that we as Americans did not take the lead in bringing this man's Legacy to the Forefront where it belongs ... I'm in awe how beautifully it has been done by the caring hands of our brethren across the pond.. it gives me such a warm feeling to see homage paid 2A man who needs no introduction who is a pioneer at his craft who is love across the world..
Was watching the show on the 2014 DVD release set last night. I recently saw "The Face on the Recruiting Poster" - great episode. Amazing to hear of the Phil Silvers Museum, hopefully will visit one day but hard from Australia. Didn't realize he wrote a song, as mentioned below, "Nancy (with the Laughing Face)" - as can be checked on Wikipedia.
Great work everyone! A fantastic tribute.
Phil Silvers as Bilko is the best comedy of all time - I can never get enough of it.
Just rediscovered it on Forces TV ch 264 Sky
Hello :) So many topics and plenty of time to read for the next hour.
So happy to watch lots of Bilko episodes on Forces TV channel 264
Greetings from the wilds of Illinois USA. The mother of my best friend guest starred on "Papa Bilko," Episode 37 of season three. She is elderly and all alone in the world, and I wanted to make a DVD copy of the episode, which I viewed a few months ago on YouTube. Unfortunately, the video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with it has been terminated. Is there anyone out there who has it and could make a copy of the episode? I would love her to see it for her time comes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Murph83 at
Bilko is the best, watched it when I was young and now on DVD when ever I want, plus it is being repeated on Sky channel 264 Forces TV
Can never tire of watching Bilko,even after all these years the show is way ahead of anything you will see these days.....Always be a fan of Ernie
Simply The Best!
all time classic comedy that still stands out today, just ordered the complete dvd set, bring it back on tv!!
I was brought up watching Sgt Bilko. Funniest show on telly.
My favourite is Bilko Goes South. I first saw these shows in the 1950 s because my brother who was 11 years older than me watched them . I was too young to follow the subtleties but Phil Silvers was such a funny man that he carried it for me . I think that secretly we would all like to be him.
Just been re-watching Bilko in the past few days, still laugh out loud funny! Phil has got to be one of the greatest performers of all, such an agile mind coupled with being a great physical comedian. Very well done for this great, great website! Tayyy-up!
Phil made my dad laugh......probably the only person on the planet who could do that !
I remember buying a bilko t shirt out of HMV in Union st Glasgow with win a three day pass 5 bucks see sgt bilko on it. During the mid too lates 1980's
Please could you e. Mail me on with details of the Phil Silvers museum in Coventry. I am an avid fan. Or please text me on 07810335585 Thank you
I loved this show and still do they were all such talented people and I don't think we will see their like again may they all r.i.p thank you for brining so much laughter to everyone on the planet
My dads favourite show on telly tho I -as a teenager - quickly found out how much I enjoyed them to.
Glad to find this site to Phil Silvers talent.
Happy days.Bilko was one of the TV high spots in the week.
I've spent the past two days going through your wonderful website. It's a great tribute, not only to Phil Silvers, but to those who loved him. I watched Bilko re-runs in the 60s and now enjoy seeing them again on ME TV in Baltimore. In 1972 I was in the audience of the Dick Cavett Show when Mr. Silvers talked about his depression. He was a grand performer who played Baltimore during his vaudeville years. What a performer!
I'm an occasional visitor to this fine tribute website to the incomparable Phil Silvers - I started watching Bilko re-runs on the BBC as a youngster in 1980, to this day no other comedy show comes close to its timeless genius. I visited today because I thought other fans of the show might be interested to know that the New Yorker magazine website is carrying a new piece about the life and times of Bilko cast member P J Sidney who campaigned over a long career to integrate US TV. (can't link directly here as site does not allow it).

Just returned from a visit to your Society's wonderful museum. Steve and Mick have done a wonderful job in presenting a terrific collection of Phil Silvers mementoes and memorabilia. I salute you fellas for helping continue Phil's legacy!
Went to see Steve yesterday there are some great collectibles on show in his museum. Well worth a look.
Always been a fan of the greatest and first sitcom in history,the holl cast made the show yes Silvers was id the best,but from Ford to the rest truly brilliant,as a kid from Scotland,i still watch it every day to get my Bilko fix.and would the rubbish on TV now watch dvds even more,and Bilko should be on TV now especialy on Saturdays were truly knothing on,simply the greatest.
I came across Bilko on UK tv in the late 50s. I lived in a small Welsh village, where the sabbath was strongly obeyed.Bilko was shown, mid afternoon on a sunday.All l can think was an english uncle visited, we were kept off sunday school and he asked to see Bilko on the tv. Well that was it, after that, l made every effort to stay away from sunday school to see Bilko. The comedy and the persona of Bilko, has given me such pleasure over the years. He was absolutely brilliant and in real life Phils life was amazing