Phil Silvers Broadcasting Company


Welcome to The Phil Silvers Broadcasting Corporation! A Channel dedicated to bringing you nothing short of fun, fun, fun!!


During his 60+ year career Phil appeared in over 50 movies and made hundreds ofappearances on television. We present here for your delectation a small selection from Phil's mammoth legacy of  appearances.


So come join us for a generous helping of guaranteed hilarity courtesy of the late,  great  Phil Silvers here on PSBC TV!

Phil  Silvers as Oliver Kasten in Lucy & The Efficiency Expert (1966)

Phil Silvers in An Evening At The Improv (1982)

Phil Silvers & Gene Kelly in Summer Stock (1950)

Phil Silvers, Gene Kelly & Rita Hayworth in Cover Girl (1944)

Phil Silvers on the ITV Variety Special (1968)

Phil Silvers in It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963)

Phil Silvers in The Strongest Man In The World (1975)

Phil Silvers on The Dick Cavett Show (1982)

Phil Silvers in Top Banana (1954)