A collection of autographs and signed documents collected by the Society from Phil Silvers and a whole host of people who either worked with or were associated with Phil during his long and illustrious career....(Material owned by the BPSAS unless stated)


If you have a treasured signed artefact from Phil and would like it featured in Bilkographica please send a scan and we'll do the rest!


 Early 40's autograph     Top Banana

Above: Phil's autograph and a signed Hirschfield print


 Signed letter & photos - 1984







































































Above: Autographs and letters from Phil Silvers 


 Mid 50's signed studio portrait   Signed Lucky Me!   Signed studio pose!

Above: Three more signed photos from Phil Silvers


 Gladasya cheque!  

Above: A signed cheque from Phil's Gladasya Company


Paul Ford autograph  Herbie Faye autograph  Allan Melvin signed photo

Above: Signed photos of Paul Ford, Herbie Faye and Allan Melvin


Phil's note to Karl Lukas    Signed Photo from Phil

Above: Note from Phil to Karl Lukas (kindly donated by Karl Lukas) and a signed photo of Phil Silvers


Kenneth Williams signed photo    Kenneth Williams letter 

Above: Signed photo and letter from Kenneth Williams


Karl Lukas signed photo     Neil Simon letter

Above: Signed photo from Karl Lukas and a letter from Neil Simon


Adam West signed photo  Martine Beswicke signed photo  Mickey Rooney signed photo

Above: Signed photos of Adam West, Martine Beswicke and Mickey Rooney


Mickey Freeman signed photo  Maurice Gosfield signed photo  Ernest Borgnine signed photo

Above: Signed photos of Mickey Freeman, Maurice Gosfield and Ernest Borgnine


Al Lewis signed photo  Letter from Al Lewis

Above: Signed photo and letter from Al Lewis


Walt Howarth signed print     Paul Reed signed sketch

Above: Signed Walt Howarth print and signed sketch of Paul Reed (Capt. Block)


Tracey Silvers' autograph      Cathy Silvers' autograph

Above: Autographs of Tracey and Cathy Silvers


Red Buttons' autograph  Nick Saunders' autograph

Above: Autographs of Red Buttons and Nick (Captain Barker) Saunders


Mary Lou Faye letter

                  Above: Letter from Herbie Faye's wife


Leonard Stern letter

                  Above: Letter from Leonard Stern


  Barry Blitzer letter

                 Above: Letter from scriptwriter Barry Blitzer



Above: Autographs from Phil's lifelong friends Milton Berle and Red Buttons



                   Above: Autograph of Phils' friend and fellow Friar Henny Youngman


Nick Saunders

       Above: Signed card from Nick (Captain Barker) Saunders


Jason Alexander

                              Above: Jason Alexander (of Seinfeld fame) - who gave a reading

                        at Phil's Hollywood Of Walk of Fame star dedication in 2000


Billy Sands

                              Above: Photograph and signature of Billy Sands


Anita Harris and Phil Silvers

       Above: Signed photograph of Anita Harris with Phil Silvers in Follow That Camel (1967)


       Joe E Ross autograph    Nelson Olmsted

       Above:  Joe E. Ross Autograph                            Above: Nelson Olmsted signed photo


       Jack Albertson         John Gibson

      Above: Phil's partner Jack Albertson's signature        Above: John Gibson (Chaplain)


       Dick Van Dyke         Johnny Seven

       Above: Signed photo of Dick Van                            Above: Signed photo of Johnny Seven


Maurice Brenner letter

            Above: Letter from dear Maurice Brenner (Private Fleischman)