Phil's 100th Birthday!



On Wednesday 11 May, 2011 the Society organised a live webchat in honour of Phil's 100th birthday. It was a small intimate gathering of friends and family from both sides of the Atlantic. After a slightly chaotic start in the style of Mad World the event turned into a hugely enjoyable two hour session celebrating Phil's life, work and influence on the world of comedy. So without further ado we proudly present the complete, unabridged webchat in all it's Phil-fuelled glory! Enjoy...

Phil Silvers Live Web Chat - May 11, 2011 - 8pm - 10pm (BST)


In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the great Phil Silvers. Chat, share memories or simply leave a message regarding the great man.


Only 4 days until the Phil Silvers Web Chat!


Be sure to join us and help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Phil Silvers!


Mick Peterson left this message: May 7

Sadly I won't be able to join you on May 11.....but I just wanted to say that Phil Silvers has brought so much joy and laughter into my life. I have been a huge fan since I was a child. I never got to watch him perform live, nor meet him in person but I am forever grateful to have 'known' him thru his fantastic performances! I hope the event is a big success... Phil deserves it!


Only four days and counting til The Phil Silvers Live Web Chat!

Wednesday May 11, 2011 - 8pm - 10pm (BST)

Join in and help celebrate Phil's 100th anniversary - chat, share memories of Phil and get the chance to talk to some special guests!


Join in and help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Phil Silvers, the 20th Century's finest comic actor! Wednesday May 11, 2011

Two Days and counting until The Phil Silvers Live Web Chat........

Chat, share memories and thoughts on the 20th Century's greatest comic actor, the one and only PHIL SILVERS!

Vinny left this message: 20:51

Really looking forward to this and to have a chance to share some very special moments with other Bilko fans alike.

Phil Silvers left this message: 0:32


Help celebrate the 100th anniversary of PHIL SILVERS - TV's Sgt. Bilko, star of 5 smash-hit Broadway shows and rightly celebrated as one the greatest comedians of all-time! May 11, 2011 - 8pm - 10pm (BST)

tvbuyer joined the chat 20:06

A Message From Phil's daughter Candace.....

My Father was and is still my Hero. He may have passed many many years ago but he is still my greatest teacher. His wisdom and talent created and inspired so much laughter on this earth. I thank all of his fans for remembering him and inspiring others to remember his genius so many years later.

Candace Silvers

Steve joined the chat 22:46

Steve: Less than 24 hours and counting Phil buddies... 22:47

Phil Silvers joined the chat 22:50

Steve joined the chat 22:52

Message from Dana Buscaglia, daughter of Nat Hiken......

Hi Mike, Sorry for not getting back to you. I can't make the web chat but wish you the best of luck. I have nice memories of Phil. Have fun. Dana

The greatest comedian ever to walk this earth, good to see at least the British appreciate this American legend, now if only the rest of America would do so...from the SF Bay Area!

Greg DiMercurio

I wish I could take part on the chat. Thank you so much for remembering him.

More from Laury Silvers....

Please tell everyone I'm sorry I can't be there since I'm going to be at work all day. Tell them that I am so utterly grateful for everyone's love and hard work that my father's light burning bright when he would otherwise be forgotten.

Laury Silvers

Steve joined the chat 19:05

Steve: Testing, testing Mick. Who deals? 19:07

Steve: It is truly a great honour to be able to take part in these celebrations... 19:08

Mick joined the chat 19:09

Mick: I'll take the seat in front of the mirror!! 19:10

Steve: How are ya? Gladaseeya! 19:11

Mick left this message 6 seconds ago: 19:38

Welcome to The Phil Silvers Live Web Chat on this day May 11, 2011 - Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the great Phil Silvers! Join the chat or simply post a message and help celebrate the life and work and the 20th Century's greatest comic performers.

Doug Krentzlin left this message : 19:49

OK, I'm in. (I think.)

Doug Krentzlin joined the chat 7 seconds ago 19:49

Doug Krentzlin: Yep, I'm in. 19:50

Steve: Hi Doug! 19:50

Doug Krentzlin: Hi Steve! 19:50

Steve: Great you could join us... 19:50

Steve: Mick's gone AWOL! 19:51

Mick joined the chat 19:51

Doug Krentzlin: Steve, been watching the CAR 54 DVDs? 19:52

Steve: ssshhhh he's back! 19:52

Mick: Just finished my game of pinochle with Ritzik and Grover!! 19:52

Doug Krentzlin: Same question to you, Mick. 19:52

Steve: Yes Doug... really enjoying Car 54. Quality! 19:52

Doug Krentzlin: Last Sunday I saw what I think is the funniest episode so far, MULDOON'S STAR. 19:53

Mick: Yeah..adored them...great prints....much better than the ones CBS used for The Phil Silvers Show.. 19:53

Steve: We're sure Phil is in one episode. In the background and non speaking... 19:53

Doug Krentzlin: That gag with the milk bottle! I haven't laughed that hard since the BILKO DVDs! 19:54

Steve: Would have been nice to have 'em in chronologial order 19:54

Doug Krentzlin: I AM watching them in chronological order! 19:55

Steve: Ooh ooh! six minutes..... 19:55

Mick: Phil is definitely in 142 Tickets On The Aisle from season two...Ooh, Ooh!! 19:55

Steve: Mick. Rick's trying to log in 19:56

Doug Krentzlin: Watched THE LOVE GOD? a few months ago. So close and yet so far. If only Phil was in it and they ditched the last 20 minutes. 19:57

Steve: Never seen it... 19:59

Steve: Nat and Phil was a match made in heaven... 19:59

Steve: One minute to go.... A very happy birthday to Mr Phil Silvers! Our idol and mentor! 20:00

Mick: Ok by reckoning we are GO!! 20:01

Steve: We are indeed... Hi Rick!! 20:01

Steve: This is a proud moment... 20:01

Rick Agran left this message : 20:02

Greetings all !

Mick: Indeed..and welcome to the first of what we hope will be many.. 20:02

Steve: Gladaseeya! 20:02

Mick: Glad u made it Rick.. 20:02

Rick Agran left this message : 20:03

Cheers mates !

Steve: You all know Phil is looking down on us... 20:03

Doug Krentzlin: What's with the kiddie bicycle? What are you, some kinda nut? 20:03

Mick: Candace and Laury Silvers were hoping to be with us tonight but due to work commitments can't make it - they did however leave some wonderful messages at the top of the page.. 20:03

Rick Agran left this message : 20:03

God Bless !

Steve: As did Nat's daughter Dana... 20:04

Mick: I'll re post them in a while.. 20:04

Mick: So...who'd like to kick off with how they became a Phil-fan? 20:05

Doug Krentzlin: Saw the Jason Alexander video last week. 20:05

Steve: I believe we had 18 confirmed... 33 pending... 20:05

Doug Krentzlin: BILKO made me a Silvers fan, of course! 20:06

Mick: Hi Michael...welcome.. 20:06

Steve: That was a wonderful moment Doug. Mick and myself were so tearful... tears of joy that Phil had got his Star! 20:06

Steve: Hi Mike, Greg! 20:06

Steve: And me Doug. 20:07

Michael Townsend Wright left this message : 20:07

My father was a big fan and so I watched from infancy and later caught reruns whenever they played.

Doug Krentzlin: I liked his remark that Pseudolus isn't a Zero Mostel role, it's a Phil role! 20:07

Steve: My Dad too introduced me to Phil as well as Stan & Ollie...l 20:07

Mick: I hear that Phil also has a place on the Walkway of the Brooklyn Bridge... 20:07

Steve: It certainly is! 20:07

Michael Townsend Wright joined the chat 20:08

Michael Townsend Wright: I thought I had joined...or enlisted 20:08

Doug Krentzlin: If only Phil had done the original stage version of FORUM and had starred in the film as a result. 20:08

Michael Townsend Wright: But Zero and Phil worked beautifully together 20:08

Steve: Of course we were lucky that the BBC ran Bilko from 1957. He was seldom off our screens 20:08

Doug Krentzlin: My Dad introduced me to Stan & Ollie as well. 20:08

Doug Krentzlin: Yes, they did, Mike. 20:09

Michael Townsend Wright: Yes, my father was also a big Laurel & Hardy fan. There seems to be a pattern here. 20:09

Mick: I think Phil himself realised that turning down the original Broadway Forum role was a bad call... 20:09

Steve: As much as I like Zero, that should've been Phil's film... 20:09

Rick Agran left this message : 20:10

Isn't Bilko rated as All-time Greatest British comedy series ?

Doug Krentzlin: It might have revived his film career. 20:10

Michael Townsend Wright: Yes, Zero was much too big for film and when he tried to tone it down he disappeared 20:10

Steve: Yes Rick. By Mark Lewisohn... BBC Radio Times 2003 20:10

Steve: Anyone seen the audition Phil did for The Sunshine Boys? 20:11

Doug Krentzlin: NO!!! Tell me tell me 20:11

Bellboy left this message : 20:11

Which begs the question why did they stop showing it in 2004?!

Michael Townsend Wright: No, but I'd love to. 20:11

Steve: Hi Vinny, Bellboy! 20:12

Vinny left this message : 20:12

Hi all, sorry I`m late as my daughter had some homework to finish first. Have I missed much?

Steve: Think it's an extra on the DVD.. 20:12

Doug Krentzlin: I assume Phil auditioned for the Matthau role 20:12

Steve: We all love Phil dearly... 20:12

Doug Krentzlin: Imagine if THE SUNSHINE BOYS had been Phil & Jack Benny 20:13

Mick: can scroll up and down at anytime to read it all.. 20:13

Steve: Evelyn Silvers has just joined Facebook... 20:13

vinny left this message 5 seconds ago: 20:13

Mick, let Laury know that her father will NEVER be forgotten, even after we've gone.

Mick: Hi Cathy... 20:13

Steve: Phil and Jack? Oh yeah! They worked so well in The Slowest Gun. 20:13 


Cathy Silvers left this message : 20:13

Hi, this is Cathy Silvers and hi Mick! Awesome to celebrate this amazing day! I miss my dad! Happy 100th dad! 


Mick: We all miss your Dad.... 20:14

Doug Krentzlin: your Dad was a major inspiration to me 20:14

Steve: Tracey once said Phil would have loved the internet. He needed another 20 years.... 20:14

Rick Agran left this message : 20:14

"Mazel "to all the Silvers family !

Bellboy left this message : 20:14

Laury, your dad has helped get me through some of the toughest times iv had in my life. I pop the video tape in and im transported 50 years in the past to the greatest comedy show of them all.

Doug Krentzlin: Image Bilko doing scams on the internet! 20:15

Steve: Phil inspires me every single day... 20:15


Cathy Silvers left this message : 20:15

My dad was the most wonderful comedian and I loved working with him on Happy Days! Such a joy to see it again thanks Mick for sending the footage to me via FB


Steve: I know what you mean Bellboy. Can have a real bad day and I know Phil will make it better! 20:16

Michael Townsend Wright: Other than the wonderful tribute you guys give him, I still don't Phil has received his proper appreciation...especially here in the States 20:16

Bellboy left this message : 20:16

Can you imagine the platoon beavering away at computer screens selling cure all's and mail order brides?!!!

Steve: Mick? Can we save this chat as a transcript? 20:16

Mick: Cathy you can click Join Chat if you want to get in properly.....your episode with your Dad is one of my all-time favourite pieces.. 20:16

Cathy Silvers joined the chat 20:17

Steve: 20:17

Doug Krentzlin: I was doing the lead in a production of HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES when Phil passed. In one line, the character sings an absurd song title. I did the line a la Phil in tribute. 20:17

Steve: Hi Cathy! 20:17

Michael Townsend Wright: *States 20:17

Mick: Jenny Piccalo you showed you had Phil's timing in the genes... 20:17

Cathy Silvers: I played Bunny Flingus in the House of Blue Leaves by John Guare! 20:17

Rick Agran left this message : 20:18

There hasn't been anyone like Phil, before or after, and there never will. Truly a once in a lifetime talent.

Michael Townsend Wright: Cathy, your dad is certainly one of heroes. I was Joey Faye's last sketch partner. 20:18

Cathy Silvers: That is the greatest compliment I have ever been paid Mick THANKS! 20:18

Steve: I can never grow tired of watching Just a Piccalo... 20:18

Doug Krentzlin: COOL, Cathy! The line was "The girl upstairs will be Bunny!" 20:18

Cathy Silvers: Doug who did you play? 20:18

Doug Krentzlin: Artie. 20:18

Bellboy left this message : 20:19

I think your right Michael. It was always a mystery how the States embraced Lucy and The Honeymooners when Bilko was the best show they have ever made.

Steve: Would have loved phil to have a semi regular role on Happy Days... 20:19

Michael Townsend Wright: too hip for the room 20:19

Cathy Silvers: Hi Steve...that too is my fav episode...the look on the directors and writers and producers faces when he was there was that of amazement. The whole set went silent. They were in awe. 20:19

Steve: It stands the test of time. So fresh and funny! 20:19

Doug Krentzlin: Artie is my second favorite role. My favorite was a Bilko-like con man in LLOYD'S PRAYER. 20:19

Cathy Silvers: Awesome role Doug 20:19

Mick: I'm so glad you could join us Cathy...Candace and Laury can't make it but they left some beautiful messages.. 20:19

Cathy Silvers: I saw...glad they could leave a few words... 20:20

Steve: I heard that Phil made Robin Williams mute. He just stood there in awe! Is that true? 20:20

Cathy Silvers: YES 20:20

Mick: attended The Harvey Lembeck Comedy Workshop right? 20:21

Doug Krentzlin: As Phil said to Jason Alexander: Do something, kid! 20:21

Steve: We remember Phil saying our names on the BBC in 1985 like it was yesterday. I wish it was! 20:21

vinny left this message : 20:21

I actually came across Bilko by chance really. I had come home from the pub and, as usual in them days, not much on TV (with only 3 channels BBC1, BBC2 and ITV). Anyway, it was round about 10.30pm, I put the tv on, went from BBC1 to ITV then BBC2 where Bilko was on...and it was just so funny and I was hooked from that moment on. Typical of the BBC to put it on at a ridiculous time and it was years before it got an earlier slot. I always remember saying to dad that if the Army was really like that..then I would have joined years ago!

Cathy Silvers: Nancey is in Boston on vacation and she sends her love and says hello and Happy Birthday to Dad! And hello to all of you... 20:22

Doug Krentzlin: Every veteran I know says every unit had a Bilko! 20:22

Steve: Us enlistees trebled during the original run! 20:22

Bellboy left this message 8 seconds ago: 20:22

My favourite ever episode Love That Guardhouse has just been put on youtube. Im not ashamed to say I know it pretty much word for word....and i laugh every single time. btw mick the link for my name wouldnt let me type so Bellboy is me (Greg Cruse)

Michael Townsend Wright: I have to leave for a while... hope to be back before you finish. 20:22

Mick: Thanks Michael... 20:22

Doug Krentzlin: Hurry back! 20:23

Cathy Silvers: Mick I love the Harvey Lenbeck Comedy Wrk Shp.. Michael and Elaine his kids taught and I learned so much there. 20:23

Vinny joined the chat 20:23

Doug Krentzlin: Hi Vinny! 20:23

Vinny: Hi all 20:23

Steve: My partner Dee still has a crush on Harvey! 20:24

Steve: Howdy Vinny 20:24

Mick: There were a lot of big names who went on to great things....and of course you appeared with Michael in FOLEY SQUARE.... 20:24

Bellboy left this message : 20:24

He was a fine looking dude!

Vinny: And many happy returns to you Phil, all the best on your special day 20:24

Doug Krentzlin: Anyone know the staus of restoring MAD WORLD? 20:24

Mick: In the hands of Stanley Kramer's daughter and no news to report.. 20:25

Cathy Silvers: His son Michael is so talented and successful as a director. We worked together on a sitcom called Foley Square. Michael was the boyfriend of the star and I was the side kick lawyer. 20:25

Steve: They restoring it? 20:25

Doug Krentzlin: I keep hearing rumors 20:25

Vinny: I would just like to say that having watched some of The Phil Silvers Show in restored colour, that I do prefer the old black and white episodes. Maybe its because thats what I grew up with 20:26

Mick: Cathy...when you see the fans outpouring of love and dedication to your Dad, how does it make you feel? 20:26

Doug Krentzlin: Colorization meh! 20:26

Steve: We watch the original UK run of Foley Square. We did hear Phil was up for a role? 20:26

Cathy Silvers: It was really fun to work with Michael Lembeck and he also direted me in a sitcom called Chicago Sons a way back with Jason Bateman. 20:26

Bellboy left this message : 20:26

Cathy, Foley square was a delightful show but gone in what seem like the blink of an eye. I just wish the networks in the states perservered with shows a bit more

Vinny: Hi Cathy, did your dad ever watch you perform on Happy Days (other than in your shared episode of course)? 20:27

Doug Krentzlin: If Bilko was on today, the US networks would have ditched it in a few weeks. 20:27 


Cathy Silvers: I have never in my life seen such adoration for any human being like I have seen for my Dad. I worked in the business for many, many years and with many folks who had known or worked with Dad and never once, it was amazing but never once did anyone have anything bad to say about him. Just love and adoration. 20:27 


Steve: It was a good show. Well written, acted and produced. And Silvers and Lembeck reunited... doesn't get any better! 20:28

Cathy Silvers: Yes Daddy came to several filmings of Happy Days. Besides the one episode he was in. 20:28

adgunbre left this message : 20:28

hi all

Doug Krentzlin: Any stories about his role on KOLCHAK? 20:28

Steve: Hi and welcome 20:29

Vinny: Cathy, he was a very funny and honest warm guy - it is very difficult, and I imagine impossible, for anyone to have a bad word about him. R.I.P Phil 20:29

Cathy Silvers: Jerry Paris the director from Happy days loved Dad! He was a huge fan! 20:30

Vinny: Cathy, did you find it hard or off-putting that your Dad sometimes watched you in the wings... after all, such a hard act to follow and possibly worse being his daughter 20:31

Mick: We often hear stories that Phil is underappreciated in the States....anyone care to comment? 20:31

Doug Krentzlin: Anyone seen the footage of Phil & Marilyn Monroe in the aborted SOMETHING'S GOT TO GIVE? 20:31

Steve: I didn't like how Hollywood turned their back on Phil... 20:31

Bellboy left this message : 20:31

My sister wrote The Fonz is Cool on every bit of stationary she had and i dont let her forget it!!

Mick: Doug...the footage is on both Phil's YouTube and Facebook video gallery... 20:32

Cathy Silvers: Gotta take a call be right back! 20:32

Steve: Fonzie was cool but Phil was cooler! 20:32

Steve: OK Cathy 20:32

Doug Krentzlin: I have. Phil walking out of a house eating an apple when he spots Marilyn swimming naked. The apple drops straight out of his mouth! 20:32

Bellboy left this message : 20:32

and why wouldnt it!!!!

Vinny: Haha, Doug - I think the apple would of dropped out of my mouth too 20:33

Vinny: Steve - do you have a favourite Bilko episode? 20:33

Steve: That is a class scene. Phil, is on top form and worked so well alongside Dean Martin... 20:33

Doug Krentzlin: Too bad the film was never completed 20:34

Steve: adgunbre? Name and rank please... 20:34

Mick: But they remade it with Doris Day and James Garner... Move Over Darling.. 20:34

Doug Krentzlin: No substitute for Marilyn, Dean & Phil! 20:35

Vinny: Perhaps they were cheaper Mick 20:35

Doug Krentzlin: Although I wouldn't mind seeing Doris swimming naked 20:36

Steve: Hi Keith and welcome... 20:36

Keith joined the chat 20:36

Steve: Who wouldn't Doug! 20:36

Mick: Hello Keith...Gladaseeya! 20:37

Keith: hi steve, glad i made it 20:37

Doug Krentzlin: This is getting like the stateroom scene in A NIGHT AT THE OPERA... 20:37

Keith: Hey Mick, how are you 20:37

Steve: So are we! 20:37

Mick: Doug... re my comments Phil undervalued in his own country? 20:39

Steve: Phil is so loved in the UK. He wanted to spend his retirement here... 20:39

Keith: Phil is huge in the UK 20:39

Doug Krentzlin: YES, alas. 20:39

Greg Cruse left this message 5 seconds ago: 20:40

Steve, any more thoughts on how we can get the show back on the Beeb? Do we know of any famous faces who are fans of Phil in the media that we can get on board?

Steve: 20:40

Doug Krentzlin: When the BILKO movie opened, a local moron critic said Steve Martin was an improvement over Phil! 20:41

Vinny: Right, let's get some proper discussion underway. Am I the only one who thought that the film version of Sgt.Bilko was crap and a real embarrassment on the real Sgt. Bilko? 20:41

Steve: What an idiot! I like Steve Martin... but that film? No... 20:41

Mick: That's unbelievable... 20:41

Keith: Who would play Bilko today? 20:42

Greg Cruse left this message : 20:42

I love Steve Martin but that was just dreadful. Could have been worse though. They wanted Bill Murray in the late 80's for it!!

Mick: Simple answer... no one - there isn't anyone who could play the part... 20:42

Steve: Greg. Danny Baker posted on Twitter... massive Phil fan 20:42

Vinny: Don`t get me wrong as I quite like Steve Martin and think he's a real funny guy too... but there is only one Sgt. Bilko. Pretty much the same for Inspector Clouseau, only Peter Sellers could play him.. though its bloody weird that Steve Martin played both these roles 20:43

Steve: Bill Murray and Eddie Murphy were offered the role 20:43

Doug Krentzlin: Martin was too whitebread for Bilko 20:43

Steve: Keith. Simple answer. No one. 20:44

Mick: The only good thing about the film was Cathy's cameo.. 20:44

Doug Krentzlin: I liked Phil Hartman's idea that he should have played all the roles 20:44

Steve: Martin's Bilko bark was awful... 20:44

Keith: If they were to re launch the show and you had to choose 20:44

Vinny: Just be grateful they never made a sequel... 20:44

Bellboy left this message : 20:44

Might be time for some direct action Steve. Who can we kidnap until our demands are met?!!!

Steve: Phil Hartman would have been better. 20:45

Steve: I blame the director too... 20:45

Doug Krentzlin: He did great imitations of Bilko & Col. Hall 20:45

Steve: He did indeed. Dan was OK'ish as Col Hall... 20:45

Mick: Jonathan Lynne is a Brit... with his pedigree you would have expected better. 20:46

Doug Krentzlin: you can't top Phil & Paul 20:46

Steve: If the show was remade for today? Go for an unknown actor I think 20:46

Vinny: Ol Melonhead 20:46

Bellboy left this message : 20:46

Keith, you cant relaunch the show. THATS SACRILEGE!!!!!

Rick Agran left this message : 20:46

Doug, what no barnyard immitations ? !

Mick: Favourite Bilko episode anyone? 20:46

Steve: I know Mick. Yes Prime Minister was very good... 20:47

Doug Krentzlin: THE COURT MARTIAL! 20:47

Keith: Have you seen some of the crap they try to do on US TV? I would'nt put it past them to bring it back and completely butcher it! 20:47

Doug Krentzlin: Close second THE CON MEN! 20:47

Vinny: Mick, can't remember what it was called but the one with Cyclops and the inheritance - just superb 20:47

Steve: Court Martial, Empty Store or Bilko's Perfect Day! 20:48

Mick: Where There's A Will Vinny! 20:48

Vinny: Thanks Mick 20:48

Doug Krentzlin: 'My name is Clement Bilko, ma'am, but back home they call me Clem.' 20:48

Bellboy left this message : 20:48

As I said earlier. Love that Guardhouse closely followed by Hillbilly Whizz ( he was bunting Sarge!)

Rick Agran left this message : 20:48

Bivouc and Hollywood are among many.

Doug Krentzlin: HOLLYWOOD another favorite! 20:48

Steve: Oh heck. All of 'em! 20:48

Vinny: Well said Steve 20:49

Mick: Here, here Steve - very difficult to single out one.. 20:49

Doug Krentzlin: "I don't care what people say! I think you're a great director!" 20:49

Vinny: Arriverderci - a good buy is a goodbye... classic line 20:49

Doug Krentzlin: TTFN 20:49

Bellboy left this message : 20:49

Where there's a Will with Allan Melvin's patented Bogey impersonation!

Mick: Thanks Doug.... 20:50

Steve: And least fave episode? Probably Viva Bilko. 20:50

Doug Krentzlin: He also did Bogie in THE HOODLUM 20:50

Bellboy left this message : 20:50

I loved the Sullivan Show episode as well. "Mould me.. Later when we go outside!!!"

Vinny: least fave episode...easy, the last one - simply for that! 20:51

Doug Krentzlin: I was quoting TTFN. I'm still here. 20:51

Keith: New Recruits giving Bilko their money. The scene at the end where he deals himself four aces.... timeless comedy 20:51

Doug Krentzlin: Yeah, the last one is my least fav 20:51

Steve: I guess most here know Phil because of Bilko but I just loved him in All Through the Night... 20:51

Doug Krentzlin: "Heil?" "Heil!" WHAM! 20:52

Rick Agran left this message : 20:52

"Four H'aces"

Mick: I found Phil thru watching MAD WORLD one Christmas with my Dad.... 20:52

Keith: Me too Mick 20:52

Keith: and Happy Days 20:52

Steve: And I never grow tired of watching Live at the Improv... 20:52

Cathy Silvers was timed out 20:52

Mick: After that he told me about this little show called Sgt. Bilko... watched one and BOOOM!!! I was sold... 20:53

Keith: LOLl yea 20:53

Steve: We lost Cathy 20:53

Doug Krentzlin: in ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT, Phil looking at 'the customer is always right' sign. 'Who's smoking?' 20:53

Vinny: Yea, saw that. 20:53

Bellboy left this message : 20:53

I found Bilko after MOTD (Sports show) one evening in the late 70's and saw Fred Gwynne's mournful face as he just ate and ate.

Mick: Dear Fred.... made two of the classic Bilko greats! 20:54

Steve: My first Bilko? Empty Store. Was hooked after 30 seconds. Life changing moment and one I will cherish... 20:54

Doug Krentzlin: What other BILKO was Fred in? 20:54

Mick: He did Eating Contest and It's For The Birds...pure comedy class.. 20:55

Keith: Empty Store LMAO Bilko at his finest 20:55

Vinny: The Stomach, remember it well 20:55

Doug Krentzlin: Fender, do something with the sleeves! Give me character! 20:55

Steve: Two for flinching! 20:55

Keith: Pleats! 20:56

Mick: Sure, it's just and empty store.... that's how Woolworths started... 20:56

Doug Krentzlin: Pleats! 20:56

Vinny: I always wanted pleats! 20:56

Keith: hahahahaha 20:56

Steve: Why is Bilko still so popular when other shows of that era are forgoten? 20:56

Keith: Because of Phil 20:56

Doug Krentzlin: Great comedy + great comedian! 20:57

Vinny: Because Steve, its priceless and everything was spot on from timing to the deliverance of words 20:57

Steve: Yes, without Phil life would be meaningless... 20:57

Doug Krentzlin: And the premise of a con man in the Army is irresistable 20:58

Bellboy left this message : 20:58

It had the sharpest writing of any comedy show I've seen. The ensemble cast was superbly put together. It was and is a marriage made in heaven.

Mick: The show has it all - great scripts, the best comic in the business, great supporting cast - and it has energy and drive and atmosphere! 20:58

Steve: The cast was absolutely perfect. 20:58

Doug Krentzlin: Doberman! 20:58

Vinny: the episode where he`s trying to get a raise for the army...never laughed so much 20:58

Keith: Bivouac 20:59

Doug Krentzlin: "Where are their shoes?" "In the summertime?" 20:59

Steve: So why are CBS letting it gather dust in their vaults? 20:59

Vinny: Cos they're idiots mate 20:59

Bellboy left this message : 21:00

Ah Duane Doberman. The moment when mankind reached its genetic pinnacle!!!

Doug Krentzlin: Let's hope the other 4 seasons will be released on DVD 21:00

Mick: Sadly no news on Season Two yet.. 21:00

Steve: And where is season 2 on DVD... I've got Car 54 as a cushion.... 21:00

Vinny: Paperelli - you are the bravest man in the platoon 21:01

Doug Krentzlin: Same here. When I run out of CAR 54, it's back to FRACTURED FLICKERS 21:01

Steve: We want to do a difinitive biography on Phil. Book and programme... 21:02

Mick: Steve and I have the whole run on high quality VCR tapes.. 21:02

Doug Krentzlin: That's right. rub it in! 21:02

Vinny: That will be awesome guys 21:02

Keith: if you need a car just say so, you can use my jeep, the rates are on the board 21:02

Steve: The family didn't like the Biography tribute. We could do Phil justice... 21:03

Mick: Apart from the book and docu - we'd love to see The New Phil Silvers Show hit the stores.. 21:03

Bellboy left this message : 21:03

If you want to do a programme the BBC as a public service broadcaster are duty bound to listen

Steve: The BBC don't listen anymore. 21:03

Doug Krentzlin: If only they'd release the TV versions of HIGH BUTTON SHOES and DAMN YANKEES on DVD 21:04

Steve: The family own the rights to TNPSS 21:04

Vinny: could try talking to the Beeb Steve, sure they would listen? 21:05

Keith: Gotta run guys, the Mrs is giving me evils. Back soon 21:06

Steve: We're trying... 21:06

Steve: Ok Keith 21:06

Steve: Hey we're down to 7 online. Mick is opening up the chat to all... 21:09

Doug Krentzlin: A FB friend said he was in the green room when Phil & Jack Benny were waiting to go on Dick Cavett's show. 21:09

Steve: There are many UK celebs who are Phil fans. Need to enlist their help.. 21:09

Bellboy left this message : 21:10

With regards to the other seasons coming out on dvd. Do they have a coherent policy on release dates or are they doing it ad hoc?

Doug Krentzlin: JACK: Is this April Fools Day? PHIL: Yes, Jack, that why I said you're talented. Benny fell on the floor laughing 21:10

Steve: Danny Baker, George Cole, Desmond Lynam, Jonathan Ross, Robbie Coltrane, Mike Leigh, Maureen Lipman, Terry Venables, and Rick Stein to name a few. 21:10

Vinny: Phil was great for the ad-libs 21:11

Bellboy left this message : 21:11

I think that would be a great idea Steve. Celebs schmooze all the best parties!!

Doug Krentzlin: How about Ricky Gervais? 21:11

Steve: Big fan. But not that funny himself... 21:11

Vinny: Nah, David Jason 21:11

Steve: DelBoy was an English Bilko as was George Cole's Arfur in Minder. 21:12

Steve: Phil's influence is huge and far reaching... 21:13

Steve: Hi Gaz, Bill 21:13

Steve: Duane baby! 21:13

Gaz left this message : 21:13


Doug Krentzlin: Bilko influence in THE BOUNDER 21:14

Steve: Intros please... 21:14

Bellboy left this message : 21:14

Well the Beeb has the channel space and if they can show Snog, Marry or Avoid then they can put Bilko back on

Gaz joined the chat 21:14

Doug Krentzlin: Hi, Gaz 21:15

Mick: BBC 3 or 4 would be ideal for late-night Bilko sessions... 21:15

Gaz: Hi Doug 21:15

Steve: Indeed. They say they have no room for Bilko. Balderdash! BBC4 would be an ideal showcase 21:16

Duaney left this message : 21:16

I think George Cole's Arfur Daley was more an epitome of 80s Britain than David Jason's Del Boy. Phil Silvers was an absolute genius and his craft needs preserving on DVD for future generations to enjoy. It is televisual art.

Doug Krentzlin: Off subject, but how is SCTV regarded in UK? 21:16

Steve: Can't beat late night Bilko. Everyone in bed. Peaceful and no distractions... 21:17

Bellboy left this message : 21:17

If they can show family Guy re-runs ad nauseum then why not Bilko. We are all going digital in Septembr so they can't say its a viewer demographic issue can they?

Mick: Once again thank God for the old video tape collection.... Bilko heaven! 21:18

Steve: If the UK can have a Come Dine with Me channel (oh that's Channel Four!!) why not Bilko? 21:19

Duaney left this message : 21:19

If the BBC can show dross like Last of the Summer Wine, Life of Riley, My Family to name but three it is doing its licence fee holders a major disservice by not showing reruns of the best situation comedy ever written and performed - The Phil Silvers Show.

Bellboy left this message : 21:19

My old Scotch tapes have finally gone so I'm desperately waiting for them to bring out the seasons 2,3, and 4 pretty sharpish

Steve: The show needs to be back on TV. Been off now for 6 years. 21:20

Doug Krentzlin: Can't tell how long it's been off in US 21:20

Steve: I didn't think Bilko had been colourized? Who's seen one? 21:21

Doug Krentzlin: TV Land used to run Bilko here but that was over a decade ago 21:21

Steve: Hi Bexi 21:21

Duaney joined the chat 21:22

Bexi left this message : 21:22

Hello Steve

Steve: Glad you could join us? Are you a member? 21:22

Bexi left this message : 21:22

Any idea when the 2nd series is out on DVD

Mick: Doug... any idea if the DVD release of Season One went down well in the US? 21:23

Bexi left this message : 21:23

Yes i am a member, been one for ages

Steve: No news yet. 21:23

Vinny: Hi Bexi, not sure if the 2nd series will be released. I think it all depends on how well the selling of series 1 goes 21:24

Duaney: I regard The Phil Silvers Show as a a piece of art which should be given as much maximum exposure as possible 21:24

Doug Krentzlin: Not sure. It was well received by critics, but don't know how sales were 21:24

Bellboy left this message : 21:24

I've got to duck out now but I'd like to take the chance to publicly thank Steve and Mick for all their amazing work over the past quarter of a century. Phil couldn't have greater fans than you lads. Many thanks and keep up the fantastic work.

Steve: Not much in this life is perfect but Bilko is perfection personified... 21:24

Rick Agran left this message : 21:25

Well said, Greg !

Duaney: Steve I couldnt put it better myself. Certainly the first three series 21:25

Doug Krentzlin: Anything old and in B&W doesn't get much attention here 21:25

Steve: Thank you. It is our pleasure. We love Phil Silvers! 21:25

Steve: Thanks for your support Greg! 21:26

Steve: I even love the 4th season. 21:26

Mick: Thank you Bellboy for your kind words and thanks for joining us and helping celebrate Phil's 100th!! 21:26

Steve: Same here Doug 21:26

Bexi left this message : 21:27

It had its moments

Doug Krentzlin But at least you guys remember Bilko. Here's a trivia question. 21:27

Duaney: That's dedication. You must admit though Steve the creative barrel was running on empty towards the end of Bilko 21:27

Steve: Indeed. Fort Baxter though is Ernie's spiritual home... 21:27

Bexi left this message : 21:28

Is there a copy of the hour long Pontiac special anywhere?

Duaney True my friend Camp Fremont was a gamble of desperation but it prolonged Ernie's tenure for a while longer 21:28

Steve: Yes it was... but still enjoyable 21:28

Steve: Bexi. The Society has the first half. The search continues for the second 21:29

Vinny: Yes, and also better than some of the dribble we keep on seeing on TV nowadays 21:29

Duaney: Without Nat Hiken's input it did lack a certain 'je nais quoi' 21:29

Doug Krentzlin: TV comedy in the US now sucks 21:29

Mick 21:29

This story jus appeared on Facebook -

Phil Silvers was a guest on The Mike Douglas Show when they were taping for the week at the Las Vegas Hilton. I went with my mom, and after the taping we got backstage and were able to meet him. He autographed a piece of ripped off paper, just a scrap, and then he asked my mom out on a date. I don't remember what she said, but it never happened! He was very nice.

Steve: Not much better here in the UK Doug 21:30

Vinny: Pontiac special? Dont remember seeing this... can anyone shed a light on this please? 21:30

Steve: That sounds like Phil! 21:30

Steve: Keep in Step Vinny. 21:30

Duaney: Pyschoville isn't bad Steve 21:30

Steve: That was the special, not an order!!!! 21:31

Vinny: Yeah mate, got that. Any ideas as to how I can see it? Is it on dvd at all? 21:31

Doug Krentzlin: Is there any footage of Phil in FORUM revival? 21:32

Mick: Vinny...this link will take you to a clip from the show on Phil's YouTube page... 21:32

Vinny: Thanks Mick, I'll watch that later 21:33

Mick: There are two clips from the special.... 21:33

Steve: Some late night Bilko later methinks... 21:33

Doug Krentzlin: Hello? 21:37

Mick: Do any of you guys pay regular visits to the BPSAS website... if so what do you think and is there any features you'd like to see that aren't on there? 21:37

Steve: Worth repeating if any newcomers have missed this message from Cathy: Have never in my life seen such adoration for any human being like I have seend for my Dad. I worked in the business for many, many years and with many folks who had known or worked with dad and never once, it was amazing but never once did anyone have anything bad to say about him. Just love and adoration. 21:37

Steve: Hey let's start our own TV channel. Call it the BBC. Bilko Broadcasting Corporation!!! 21:39

Bexi left this message : 21:39

I think the site is spot on, what else could you put on there?

Mick: Steve I would just like to say that these past 27 years have been a blast... what a privilege and an honour to share a passion for Phil with a pal like you....if you can't get sentimental on Phil's 100th when can you? 21:40

Vinny: Thanks Mick, just clicked on to watch. Tell you something, whatever Phil appeared in he had such a huge presence that you can see the other actors/actresses just seem to stand there in awe of the guy 21:40

Mick: Hello Treetop.. 21:41

Steve: Where would we all be without the love we share for Phil? You're my Bilko soul mate buddy! 21:42

Mick: Yes Vinny that's true....and everyone of the cast I ever spoke to said that Phil never stole a line or a laugh from any of big a star as he was he went out of his way to help them.. 21:42

Steve: Thanks Bexi. 21:42

Vinny: Think there should be a regular Bilko convention where we can all get together and meet one another and share Bilko memories. We could have Bilko showing throughout the day etc 21:42

Doug Krentzlin: The best comics always let the other guys get laughs 21:43

Mick: Aah sounds like the old days... 21:43

Steve: We used to do them before the internet 21:43

Mick: I have the pics to prove it.. 21:43

Steve: We would love to organise another... 21:43

Mick: Doug... I'm still trying to figure out how we can record your Bilko impression via the phone.. 21:44

Bexi left this message : 21:45

Sounds good to me, all ways good to get of Jersey for the weekend

Vinny: I remember you guys did do things like that before but I could never get to them as shift working (no longer now though) so would dearly love to attend one. Are there plans to do it again sometime lads 21:45

Steve: Yeah defo Vinny. 21:45

Doug Krentzlin: Anytime you want. You don't have to twist my arm to do Phil. 21:45

Steve: We had great success taking the Society to a Memorabilia show last year in Birmingham 21:46

Vinny: That's great Steve, also let me know if I can help out in anyway - even if it means setting out tables LOL! 21:46

Doug Krentzlin: Once I called into Dennis Miller's radio show and did Phil in MAD WORLD. 21:46

Steve: Or the printing of tickets amd posters. Just don't tell the Colonel! 21:46

Mick: It would be great to get you doing some sound clips for the website... 21:47

Steve: We wanna hear Doug! 21:47

Doug Krentzlin: Speaking of tickets, don't forget the Chester A. Arthur Birthday Dance! 21:48

Steve: Hi Dave 21:48

Vinny: Does anyone know where I can get Bilko stuff such as posters and t~shirts.? The shirt I got is quite old and having filled out a little since my 20's - it makes me look like Homer Simpson... plus, a great pic of Phil and the platoon would look great on the wall 21:48

Doug Krentzlin: I'd buy a Bilko t-shirt in a minute! 21:48

Steve: Still trying to sort another run of that classic 80's shirts. 21:49

Steve: Doug. You wouldn't have to buy one. 21:49

Dave Povey joined the chat 21:50

Mick: We did trial some of our own T-shirts athe Memorabilia Fair last year...they sold like hotcakes! 21:50

Mick: Dave....your memories of Phil on his 100th anniversary? 21:50

Vinny: could you put a pic up Mick, love to see what they looked like 21:50

Dave Povey: Hello fellow fans, sorry I am late for the party! 21:51

Doug Krentzlin: Has anyone seen Drew Friedman's tribute to Nat Hiken on his blog? It's great. 21:51

Mick: Welcome back Cathy.. 21:51

Steve: What size Vinny? 21:51

Treetop left this message : 21:51

Only just joined in but is anyone organising and dance and raffle to commemorate this great event. All proceeds to the welfare fund !

Cathy Silvers left this message : 21:51

Sorry I had to cut out early... work called me away but I just wanted to say thanks again Mick for this wonderful chat and day in honor of my beautiful Father's 100th birthday, he is so loved and missed by all! Lots of love and well wishes! Cathy Silvers


Vinny: Used to be M Steve, trying hard to keep out of the L size... 21:52

Doug Krentzlin: We miss him too, Cathy! 21:52

Steve: Thank you Cathy. It has been a total pleasure! 21:52

Mick: Cathy...we've been doing this for 27 years now and it's an honour and a privilege... 21:52

Steve: We all love Phil dearly... 21:52

Vinny: Hi again Cathy - can you please tell me what Fonzie thought of your father 21:53

Doug Krentzlin: I personally admire anyone who can make baldness and thick glasses look cool. 21:53

Dave Povey: I was exposed to the show as a child thanks to all the re-runs on the BBC and loved them. They still make me laugh so much when I watch them today. 21:53

Vinny: Only Phil could have done that Doug - my dad certainly can't LOL! 21:54

Steve: Well if Robin Williams is anything to go by Fonzie would have been dumbstruck! 21:54

Doug Krentzlin: I just remembered a great Phil gag. On the Benny show, he was a freeloader who wouldn't leave Jack's house. When he tells Jack he wasn't there all that long, Jack says: "When you came here, you had hair!" 21:56

Steve: I'll message you later Vinny. 21:56

Treetop joined the chat 21:56

Vinny: Too true Steve . I only asked because it seemed that Fonzie had the same awe about him whenever he entered a scene so I wondered if he tried to take a bit of Bilko with him... if you get my meaning 21:56

Steve: Four minutes to go guys and gals. May we take this opportunity to thank everyone for helping to celebrate Phil's 100th. 21:58

Doug Krentzlin: Hi Rick. 21:58

Doug Krentzlin: My pleasure. 21:58

Rick Agran left this message : 21:59

Doug let's keep in touch... I'm planning to move back to MD. In the next tear or two after being away almost 35 years.

Mick: As we hit the last five minutes I just wanted to say that Phil Silvers left us with a legacy of laughter that continues to bring joy, light and laughter into a sometime trouble world. For me personally I've had the most joyous of times spending time in his company and to be able to pay tribute to him via chats like these, on Facebook , YouTube and the website is an honour and a privilege. Phil we love you and here's to a Happy 100th!! 21:59

Doug Krentzlin: Any way this chat is gonna be preserved? 21:59

Vinny: No problem Steve, thanks for arranging it and also for the invite. Just don`t wait another 100yrs for the next one... Heeyyupppp! 21:59

Mick: For sure Doug.. 22:00

Dave Povey: I promise to be early when you all celebrate the great man's 101st next year! 22:00

Steve: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHIL! You are still very much loved and missed down here. Thanks for the laughs, joy and friendship. 22:00

Doug Krentzlin: Rick, send me your e-mail address via FB message. 22:00

Rick Agran left this message : 22:00

You guys are the Best !

Steve: Phil Silvers is the Top Banana! 22:01

Gus left this message 5 seconds ago: 22:01

Happy Birthday Mr Silvers

Rick Agran left this message : 22:01

Doug, my email is on FB profile... will follow.

Vinny: Well lads, looks like Phil will have the last laugh - I mean, you try blowing out 100 bloody candles... 22:01

Steve: LOL! 22:01

Doug Krentzlin: If you don't have a new tire you'll have to fix the spare! What is this, a staring contest? Move it! 22:01

Rick Agran left this message : 22:01

Much Love to all the Silvers family !

Doug Krentzlin: Thanks for all the laughs, Phil! 22:02

Mick: For Phil, Cathy, Candace, Laury, Tracey and Nancey and to all who have joined us tonight we salute you. It's been a blast... 22:02

Vinny: Cheers to Phil and The Phil Silvers Appreciation Society... Hip Hip Hooray! 22:02

Bexi left this message : 22:02

Thanks everyone

Steve: Here, here! Phil's legacy lives on and the world is a happier place for it! 22:02

Doug Krentzlin: Thanks, gang! 22:02

Rick Agran left this message : 22:03

Long live the memory of our beloved Phil Silvers !


Doug Krentzlin: As Mr. P. Pig says: "Th-- th-- tha-- that's all, folks!" 22:03

Steve: Thanks everyone. Goodnight, go catch a Bilko! 22:03

Rick Agran left this message : 22:03

Cheerio ! (Always wanted to say that !)

Steve: Or TTFN! 22:04

Doug Krentzlin: TTFN for real 22:04

Doug Krentzlin: Damn, Steve, beat me to it! 22:04

Steve: Thank you Cathy. Please send our love and best wishes to everyone. 22:05

Rick Agran left this message : 22:05

See you guys again on the FB site. You are free to contact me. I am in in Pacific Standard Time.

Vinny: Always hard to say goodbye, isn`t it? 22:06

Rick Agran left this message 6 seconds ago: 22:07

Seven times around the Seven Hills of Rome.

Steve: Phil said 'Is this goodbye at the end of the BBC interview in 1985.... 22:07

Steve: Goodnight everyone and thanks again. We'll organise another chat soon... 22:08

Doug Krentzlin: Sounds good 22:08

Rick Agran left this message : 22:09

Cheers !

Vinny: Yes it does, tonight has been so enjoyable 22:09

Doug Krentzlin: Maybe I'll fit in a Bilko after DANGER MAN tonight 22:10

Rick Agran left this message : 22:11

Bilko theme music... fade out.....


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