Golden Silvers....


A collection of memorabilia and rare items from the Society archives.....

Bilko Annual (1959)                        Bilko Annual (1961)                        Radio Times (1959)

Two of a series of ads that Phil did for Smirnoff Vodka


                         Post card from the Sahara Hotel                    Phil headlines at the Riviera Hotel


 Amana Fan (Front)Amana Fan (Back)

                        Front & Reverse of Amana 'Bilko' Fan produced by show sponsor Amana Refrigeration



  Riviera TicketBadge

                  Un-used Ticket from the Riviera Hotel                                      NJA Tin Badge


Joy Promo (Front) Joy Promo (Rear)

         Ad Campaign for JOY instant liquid for dishes

         Issues 1, 2 and 10 of DC's popular Sgt.Bilko comic

        Rare TV Guide from 1956       

TV Times Article from 1984                                      Advert for DC's SGT.BILKO comic

    Roalex Sgt.Bilko Slide Puzzle                             Amana promotional Sgt.Bilko Glasses

     Bilko specs!Gold Brick

                 Amana promotional Bilko glasses                                    Phil Silvers Gold Brick presented to cast


       Maurice Gosfield GobletEngraved Cup

                          Engraved Goblet inscribed to Maurice Gosfield   Phil Silvers Cup Award 1961 - 1962


         Phil Silvers Statue

                                        Phil Silvers or Bust Statue given to cast & crew (sponsored by Ronzoni)



                                        Assorted press cuttings from the 1980's


     Selection of film posters (left to right) Summer Stock (1950), A Funny Thing Happened On The Way         To The Forum (1966) and The Cheap Detective (1978)


Bilko BookParade MagDo Re Mi

    Sgt.Bilko Colouring book                 Parade Magazine                                     Promo sheet for Do Re Mi album

      Photoplay Article

                                       Photoplay Article from February 1977   


               Bilko Article

             Joe E Ross Press Kit (donated by Karl Lukas)                            Rare Press article (1956)


                 Bilko AlbumCast Recording

                           Phil Silvers Swings Album (Nelson Riddle)                         High Button Shoes (Original Cast Recording)

            Signed Script

            Signed Script

                                             Signed Copy of the script for WEEKEND COLONEL (kindly donated by Karl Lukas)


Bilko Board Game Playing Board

                   Bell's UK Sgt.Bilko Board Game  


US Board GamePlaying Board

                  Gardner's US Sgt.Bilko Board Game   


Casting Sheet

                      Hope Sanberry's Casting Sheet (Kindly donated by Karl Lukas)


Harvey Lembeck

                      Harvey Lembeck's Academy Players Directory Listing (Kindly donated by Karl Lukas)


Above: !982 New York Post feature

Bilko Article

               News Article from 1984


Harvey Lembeck article

                         Press Article from 1982 (Kindly donated by Karl Lukas).

                         That's Karl's hand-written note at the foot  of the article

                                Above: Discount exchange ticket for How The Other Half Loves

Above: Australian TV Times (1961)                                      Above: Press campaign ad for Lucky Me (1954)

                           Above: Two lobby cards from Walt Disney's The Boatniks (1970)


Above: Memorial thanks from Mrs.Joe E Ross

                          Above: A hand-tinted lobby card for A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum (1966)

                            Above: Two hand-tinted lobby cards for Top Banana (1954)


    Above: Phil's Society membership card from 1984

                  Above: Sunday Star (1963)                                                        Above: Hartford Courant (1969)

                                   (Above) Original 10 x 8 promo caricature for The New Phil Silvers Show (1963)

                                   Above: Photo and article from Life magazine  

Press Ad   

                     Above: Press advertisement for Top Banana

         Above: The 2nd Digit Sgt.Bilko Joke Book (1959)



           Dallas Summer Musicals     Theatre Arts Magazine 

           Above: Promo for the 1964 production of Top Banana               Above: Theatre arts magazine with a Hirschfield cover

        (Above) Halco's 1950' Sergeant Bilko Holster Outfit

            Above: 1964 newspaper article about Herbie Faye's wedding to Mary Lou Johnson.

Above: Original screen-used US Army visor hat worn by Phil Silvers (CBS Reference Number #8502.

Above: Bandleader Artie Shaw’s famous Clarinet it was given to Phil Silvers who then used it in his own nightclub act. 

Above: Rank Organisation Information Booklet

Above: Phil's favourite silk smoking jacket

Above: Jacket designed for Phil for the 1944 comedy Something For The Boys. From The Debbie Reynolds Collection.

Above: PREAM coffee whitener promo ad. Phil fronted one of their major advertising campaigns in the 1960's.