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Thank you for a great site....a treasure trove of facts, info and pics on Phil Silvers!
I used to watch Bilko as a boy. Had the pleasure of seeing Phil live in 1974 in FORUM. The site is wonderful and a great tribute to a brilliant comedian. Thank you.
Thanks for a great site. Phil Silvers was the greatest!
Phil Silvers was a genius. I wish the BBC would bring BILKO back. The site is excellent...well done!
Well done guys! A great site...thanks for the Roll Call & Features the Gallery too!
Thank you for a terrific website. A gem! Phil Silvers would be very proud of this!
A great tribute to a brilliant comedian! Let\'s hope that we get to see Bilko back on TV soon! Met you fellas at the MEMORABILIA event in Birmingham this year and was bowled over by your enthusiasm!
Fantastic website! The Roll Call section is great and I also love the Golden Silvers feature. Phil Silvers was a genius and your site is a fitting tribute! Many thanks...
Steve, Mick... You\'ve done a fantastic tribute to Phil Silvers. Been aboard since the start way back in 1985 and I kept you both awake during that marathon 24 hour Bilko watch in 1989. Roll Call makes for fascinating reading and the icing on the cake would be to get Bilko back on British TV. He\'s sorely needed now more than ever!
Hey, great website guys! A fitting tribute to the legend that is Phil Silvers! Love the image gallery...