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Hello Mick!! Great job on the site!
Any chance you guys may be at Autographica 2010 in Birmingham?

I'm a massive Phil fan and would love to come along and have a chat.

Isn't it about time we were treated to all the fabulous 'Bilko' episodes on DVD or Blu-ray???

Keith...we are at the Memorabilia event next weekend (March 27th and 28th) at Birmingham, displaying some of our Phil memorabilia etc. We'll be at Autographica but only as fans/collectors!
Am ashamed to say you Brits seem to adore Phil more than my own country does these days. I grew up in New York in the 50's and Sgt. Bilko at that time was (to me at least) the greatest. Bilko, Doberman, Colonel Hall and the gang seemed so real...they just don't make shows like that anymore. Thanks for re-awakening some great memories!

Vince, USA
I've spent many a happy hour over the years watching Phil - either in Bilko or some of the great films he made (my personal favourite is It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World!). He was an original, a one-off and I can't think of anyone around today in his league! Thanks for this great tribute to Phil!
Thanks for this tribute to Phil Silvers. His genius lives on in the legacy of work he left behind. Sadly missed.
Thanks to the Phil Silvers Appreciation Society (Mick Clews and Steve Everitt) for all this and for keeping Phil Silvers memory alive. Wonderful!
An awesome tribute to Phil Silvers. He was my Dad's favourite comedian and I'm so glad he introduced me to him. I first saw him in Sgt.Bilko, which I used to watch with my Dad, and was hooked. I was lucky enough to see Phil perform in person. Me and my Dad were in the audience when Phil appeared at the Improv comedy club in LA. I got to shake his hand and say hello. Thanks again for this brings back warm memories of both my Dad and Phil....

Jim Stockton, Michigan, USA
Phil Silvers was one of those rare people you can actually label as a true GREAT!! When I think of Phil I can't help but smile. What a great gift he had - the ability to bring laughter to the world. What a great legacy he has left us!
One of my Facebook friends, commenting on my BPSAS article on "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum," said that Phil was one of those comedians who made growing up easier. I sincerely hope that Phil -- wherever he is, God bless him -- knows how much he is appreciated and loved. Thanks for the laughs, Phil! It was glad'ta see ya!
Phil Silvers was a master comic....he made it all seem so effortless! All the great comedians said that Phil was the king of sketch comedy. A man who injected so much energy into his comedy that it still fizzes off the screen today!
I discovered Phil Silvers after seeing It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. A brilliant film and one of my all-time favourites. I later watched him in Sgt.Bilko and was hooked. The best TV sit-com of all time!!
A terrific tribute to Mr Silvers!
Phil is very popular over here in Ireland. I wrote to him once and he sent me two signed photos. I'll never forget the day I opened that envelope and those pictures dropped out. I believe he even toured Ireland once in the 1970's. Bilko is the greatest show ever and for me it'll never be equalled and Phil Silvers remains one of the greatest comics who ever lived......
Truly great comedy shows don't come along very often. The Phil Silvers Show was a landmark show that still leads the field today. Genius writing, a powerhouse central character portrayed by a comic master and a supporting cast of the highest quality. No wonder the show is still worshipped today. Viva Bilko!
Many thanks to everyone concerned with this excellent site. Have been a Phil Silvers fan for many years. It would be great to see Sgt.Bilko back on TV once again.
Been a fan of the 'Bilko' show ever since the late 1970s!!

There I was crying my eyes out, saturday morning, when my father wouldn't let me have TISWAS on.........he was watching some old Black & White claptrap called 'The Eating Contest' on BBC2........the more I watched the more I totally forgot about the Phantom Flan Flinger et al........hooked ever since.........Great Site from two of the best!
Thank you for this site. I've been a big fan of Phil's for longer than I care to recall. I had the great pleasure of meeting Phil in Las Vegas in the 1960's. He struck me as being very humble and quite shy. I'll never forget that brief meeting and the way he took time to chat. Can't think of many of today's so-called stars who would spend time with a fan like Phil did. He's greatly missed.
Thank you for a truly magnificent site.
Hi fellas...I was a member when the society first launched way back in 1985. It's great to see that your passion for Phil is as strong as ever. When I think back to the old Fort Baxter Journal days.....a long time ago....and look at what you have done with this site - just fabulous. Long may it continue!
Anything that salutes Phil Silvers is aces with me. A great tribute to a great man.
Barry Morella - Michigan, USA
Congratulations on a magnificent site. A true honour to the great Phil Silvers.
The Phil Silvers Show - greatest comedy of all time! Thanks for such a great website - the amount of research is amazing. Great photo gallery too! Many thanks from this devoted Phil Silvers fan! Top Bananas!!
My Dad introduced me to the delights of a certain Master Sgt. many years ago. I was so enthralled by the talents of Phil Silvers that I endeavoured to trace his career which has thus turned into a lifetime devotion. Nice to know that there are like-minded people out there....what a superb tribute to the life and legend of Phil Silvers and indeed all those who were a part of that legend! Keep up the great work....

Thank you so much Tim. It's comments like yours that make this all worthwhile.
They say we all have a twin somewhere in this world. Well my father and Phil Silvers looked almost exactly alike. When I was young my father traveled for his job with the Ford Motor Company. My older sisters had me convinced Dad was Phil Silvers and that he had to leave each week to go do �his� show. So when Sgt Bilko came on each week I was glued to the television thinking I was watching my father. In a small way it made me miss him less. I don�t remember when I realized Phil Silvers wasn�t really my Dad but I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Phil Silvers.

Buffy...we'd love to see a picture of your Dad!
Have just read the news about Aaron Ruben & Barry Blitzer. We must never forget the overwhelming contribution writers such as these guys made to The Phil Silvers Show. A sad loss!
Hello Fellows! As a long-time fan of the great Phil Silvers I just wanted to say thanks for a terrific website!
A fabulous, informative site. A real tribute to Phil! Many thanks.
I've only seen Bilko on YouTube! I wish they would put it on TV!
Great tribute to the wonderful Phil Silvers. Congratulations to all concerned!
As a life-long Phil Silvers fan I salute you on this marvelous website. Fantastic!!!
I'd just like to thank you for this great site. May it continue to prosper!
As kids growing up in the 70's our Dad used to let us stay up 'till very late in order to watch TPSS - it was part of our education. After the show, Dad who as an ex-National Serviceman had a special love for the show would then march us off to bed in quite a convincing Silvers impersonation. In my humble opinion, it is the greatest TV show I have ever seen and am ever likely to see. Utter genius. Thanks again.
A wonderful tribute to a sublime comedian and actor. I had the great pleasure of meeting Mr.Silvers whilst he was touring the UK in 1974. He was delightfully warm and funny and was happy to talk about his love for everything English!
The site goes from strength to strength. Thank you for keeping the memory alive in so many people's hearts of a truly great performer. I remember seeing The Phil Silvers Show in the 50's when they were first shown in this country, and have been in love with them ever since. Fifty years drops off my age when I hear the music and I never tire of watching Phil's work. Brilliant site saluting the Grand Master of Comedy.
Truly awesome site. Phil Silvers was a comic god!
Yes lads. I have all the Bilkos and still find them funny. My mates call me Bilko... am 41 and have watched Bilko when I was sweet 16!
Thanks for a great website and fantastic Phil Silvers resource. I am looking forward to working through all the content.
What a fantastic site! As an Englishman living in America this brings back some wonderful memories for me. Sgt. Bilko was always popular in the U.K. I first saw it as a child on the BBC in the 1950's and it was still being shown when I left the UK.
What Messrs. Silvers, Hiken and the outstanding bunch of characters who made up the platoon gave us is a true work of the highest order! Viva Bilko!
The Phil Silvers Show.....quite simply the greatest comedy show of all-time. Mr Silvers and the excellent support cast have left us with a timeless classic. Shame on the BBC for not screening this show. Thank God for YouTube! My regards to all concerned with creating this site!
Many thanks for a terrific website. Phil Silvers was a genius and ranks as one of the true comedy greats!
A terrific site and a real tribute to Phil Silvers!
I was lucky enough to have been around the first time Bilko was shown by the BBC. Isn't it about time they started showing the series again? Love the website. Many thanks to all concerned.
A great site. So much to read and it's lovely to see what happened to the boys from the old platoon. Bring back our Sarge!
Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful site. Phil Silvers has been my favourite comedian for many years. Such a pity that SGT.BILKO has been absent from our screen for such a long time.
I was 10 years old when I was introduced to the magic of Bilko. I think the first episode I watched was 'It's for the Birds'. 24 years later I still watch episodes on DVD or VHS at least once a week, usually watching at least 2 episodes at a time - well you can't just watch one can you? Came across this site tonight and it is magnificent. Have been on for about 3 hours. Fantastic. Going to tell my Dad about it in the morning after all it was he who introduced me to Bilko so I can return the favour now. Thanks fellas.
It was a rainy day Sunday in Silver Spring, so I thought I'd take in a viewing of "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World." Some random thoughts: (1) One aspect of the film that has never received enough credit is the music score by Ernest Gold. BTW, Phil is the only one who has his own theme ("Gullible Otto Meyer"). (2) Was Dorothy Provine hot or what? (3) The moment where Phil sits stoically as his convertible sinks in the river is a direct steal from Buster Keaton's "The Boat" (1921). (4) The fire ladder sequence was the last work of special effects genius Willis O'Brien (creator of "King Kong"). (5) It's a frigging miracle no one was killed during the making of this film. (6) Supposedly the Ethel Merman role was originally written to be a man and Groucho Marx was offered the role.
1 November 2009: Mr Phil Silvers, Tony and Emmy award winning comedian, actor, father and gentleman. 11 May 1911 - 1 November 1985. 24 years on and always in our thoughts. God bless you Phil...
Have just seen your posting on Facebook.... I can't believe its been 24 years since Phil passed away. Time to dig out my old video collection and spend a few hours at Fort Baxter. Thank you Phil for all the laughter!
What can I say about Phil Silvers that hasn't already been said? A genius... the greatest comic who ever lived... as Otto Meyer he gave one of the greatest performances in a comedy film ever... as Bilko he gave TV one of its most memorable creations. I salute you Phil and thanks for all the laughter!
Just wanted to say thanks for a great and fitting tribute to the legend that is Phil Silvers.

Al Campbell, Wolverhampton.
Phil Silvers has guaranteed his place in TV history with his brilliant portrayal of Sgt. Bilko. Every episode is brilliantly written and performed and the show remains as vibrant as ever. Of course credit must also go to the other members of the supporting cast. The likes of Doberman, Paparelli, Zimmerman and Ritzik et al make the show so memorable. Thanks for letting me revisit some wonderful memories.