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In 1956 I worked for Phil Silvers Show, on the set, in NYC and have a few pictures of the platoon and set and have copies of original shows to sell if anyone would be interested. It was a wonderful experience and will never forget taping the shows to live audiences.

Wow, thanks Maybeth. Fascinating stuff! We would love the opportunity to include your experiences of working with Phil and Company. Please contact Mick or Steve..!
Just read the news about Mickey Freeman. A sad loss. Zimmerman was one of my favourite characters and I'm sure he's up there now with the old Motor Pool gang....
Sad to hear the news of Mickey Freeman's passing. Zimmerman was a great and memorable character. RIP Mickey Freeman/Fielding Zimmerman.
Grew up with Bilko, watched it with my Dad. Now thanks to DVD I can do the same with my kids. Heads and shoulders above any of today's TV comedy.
Great to see The Phil Silvers Show on DVD at last. It's been a long time coming. Thanks also for this superb tribute to Phil. Amazing.
As a boy I remember watching Bilko on Sunday afternoons on BBC Television. I fell in love with it all over again in the 1980's and now at the age of 63, and thanks to the DVD release I'm about to rekindle the romance! Long live the old Sarge!!!!
Just a few lines to show my great appreciation for this brilliant tribute to a truly great Man. It is so fantastic that Phil's Family are so supportive and are genuinely so warm and helpful. If I may be so bold, I expect Phil was so proud of them, and of you for such a monumental tribute!!! Thank You so much, I have learnt so much about Phil from this Website.
It's great to find a site dedicated to Sgt. Bilko and to Phil Silvers. Bilko has been one of my favorite shows for years although I wasn't born when it was originally broadcast. I also remember seeing an episode of Bilko on TV while visiting the UK in the summer of 1982. I remember people telling me how popular it still was. So I am not surprised to find a British site dedicated to Silvers.
Bilko is one of comedy's greatest characters. Phil Silvers was a true comic genius. Thanks for this excellent tribute.

Thanks for your comments Alan. Even today The Phil Silvers Show leaves so many comedies in it's wake!!
Congrats on this tribute to the genius of Phil Silvers!
Finally...SGT.BILKO on DVD! I picked up my season one copy yesterday. Such a treat to be able to watch Phil and co in action in the comfort of my own home. I hope they will be releasing the whole series.
Dear Mick and Steve:

Thank you for such a great tribute to my Father. He would be proud of all the work you've done on his behalf.

Thank you Tracey. Your words mean more to us than you can ever know. Phil's rich legacy will live with us all forever...

Mick and Steve
Just listened to I player interview Just a big congrats to Steve & Mick for keeping the torch burning to a comic genius!

I am without doubt that Bilko could have talked himself out of a 60 fine and 3 points on his licence :o)

Thanks Geezer! Should've tried some fancy Bilko double talk!
My season one DVD arrived today. Just superb. Have watched episodes on YouTube but nothing beats seeing Bilko on the TV! The website is brilliant by the way.
Excellent website, loved Bilko since my teens, still hilariously funny after all those years! Phil was an absolute genius. If I had to choose a favourite, it would have to be "The Twitch." Just received my Season 1 collection, can't wait to start watching!
Bilko was a big part of my life as a teenager. Since then I've grown to admire Phil's other work. The man was a genius. Comic timing to die for and no-one can deliver a line like Phil!

We have to agree Pete! Just watched The Empty Store ~ superbly written, paced and acted. Television perfection!
Thank you for this excellent site.
A wonderful tribute to a truly great comedian and actor.
From this long-time Bilko fan - a big thank you to everyone involved with this site.
Bilko is not forgtotten in the States....we hold regular screenings showing episodes on video, dvd and 16mm film. Nat Hiken, Phil Silvers and co created a blueprint for every other comedy show ever filmed!!

Thanks for your comments's great to know that Phil is not forgotten in his home country!!
Great news that CBS are going to release Bilko on DVD at last. About time....I was starting to despair of ever seeing this classic show ever again. I remember spending many a late evening in the company of the old sarge in the 1980's. Happy Times!!!

Hal, we were there too and, as you say....Happy Times indeed.
I have used "The Court Martial" in comedy acting classes. Phil representing the chimp--priceless.
I was privileged to see Mr Silvers on a UK tour of A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum in the 1970's. He was outstanding - fast, funny and outrageous. Larger than life does not even begin to describe his performance. Something I shall never forget.

Thank you for your comments Arthur - you were so lucky to have seen Phil perform live.
Mr. Phil Silvers always makes me laugh. He was way ahead of the curves in comedy.
In these times, we need a good laugh, and another, and then another.
I laugh when I find myself yelling, "Hey-Aye-Up!!!" When ever my kids ignore me, which is always it seems. Teenagers.
I've noticed it gets their attention though, and even our dogs in the process. What a great attention getter!
Even though it often drives my wife nuts, I'll never stop doing it. A great habit I won't break.

2011 !!!
First saw Bilko in the early 70's on the BBC. What a show...nothing comes near and I doubt it ever will.

Great sentiments Mike. Make sure you sign the Bring Back Bilko petition:
We've got 263 recruits so far and need to convince the BBC to negotiate with CBS/Viacom and get the show back on our screens.
Great site. I am a lifelong fan of Phil's. Even got to meet him once back in the 80's at a restaurant in LA whilst on holiday. He was so nice to me and I've never forgotten that meeting. Even today he stands heads and shoulders above any of todays comedy actors.

Great story Ed! You are so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet Phil. Thanks for sharing your memories.
BILKO on DVD at last...I can't wait. Any news on the release of seasons 2 - 4?

No official word from CBS/Viacom yet Ronnie - as soon as we know anything we'll be sure to let ya know.
Just to let you know that Bilko/Phil Silvers is not forgotten in the US!
Phenomenal site dedicated to the great Phil Silvers. Well done to all concerned.
I watched Bilko on the BBC every week nearly thirty years ago as a teenager and it's still as good now as it was then - an all-time classic ! Let's have Bilko back on the small screen and better still, EVERY episode put onto dvd.
Have spent the last few days in Bilko heaven watching my copy of season one on DVD!!!
Picked up my copy of the first season on DVD. Superb!!
Phil Silvers as Bilko was superb. Can't wait for the long-awaited release of season one to DVD.

Sorry, Steve, I've only just found out I'm an officer in the Phil Silvers Society! Thanks so much! I don't know how I earned this honor except that I was once in the same room with the great man. Oh, I also saw him perform live once in L.A. in "A Funny Thing..." if that helps. Also, when I was about six I discovered Bilko on CBS and then never missed an episode---watched every single first-run show as it aired for the entire run. No kidding. I remember it led to some desperate chase scenes when I found myself nowhere near a TV on Tuesday night...but always managed to find one in the nick of time. I'm very proud of that unbroken record. Jim Mulholland
Thanks Jim for sharing your wonderful memories with us. I remember the mid 80s rerun of Bilko on BBC2. I taped every single episode, except for Viva Bilko when I missed the opening credits... I was gutted!
I can't wait for the release of Sgt.Bilko on DVD! Are we going to see the release of all four seasons? Fantastic website by the way!
Thanks for your kind words Dave. Hopefully if the first season sells well enough we should see the release of the other 3 seasons. Can you imagine a bumper BILKO boxset?
What can I say...except add my vote of thanks to everyone who helped put this site together. Just outstanding and a fine and fitting tribute to Phil and indeed those people who worked with him!
I grew up watching Bilko with my dad and brother's, and have passed it on to my own son's who sit and watch the video's whenever they come to visit or their grandad. Great site keep up the good work of spreading the word about Phil and Ernie Bilko.
Phil Silvers was pure genius!

We couldn't agree more Daryl!
Thank you for putting together this superb tribute to Phil and the gang!
I grew up watching Phil as Bilko. I have most of the shows on tape and they are still as fresh and funny today as they were the first time I saw them.
Super tribute site. Well done!
I got to meet Phil in California in 1979. He was coming out of the Friars Club and I asked him for his autograph. He was just amazing - he spent time talking to me, I remember he kept calling me kid!

Great story Chuck - you lucky dog!!
I once sat in the Green Room of The Dick Cavett Show and listened to Jack Benny and Phil Silvers bicker and banter for a delightful 20 minutes or so. I remember the exact date - April 1, 1971 - because Jack asked Phil, "Is today April Fool's Day?" And Phil shot back, "Yeah, Jack, that's why I said you're talented!"

Thanks James ~ we appreciate you sharing this wonderful story. You were very lucky to have witnessed Phil & Jack working their special magic!.
First caught Phil as Bilko back in the early 1980's. I was instantly hooked...and have stayed so ever since. For me, to this day he remains the ultimate comic performer. He was/is poetry in motion.
Have been a fan of Phil Silvers for as long as I can remember.
Thanks for this superb tribute.
Phil Silvers was a genius. He left us with some great film moments, along with greatest sit-com of all-time!
Just wanted to add my voice and say thanks to you guys in the UK for helping keep Phil's memory alive. It's a great thing you do. Phil Silvers was a true great among some of the greatest comics who ever lived.
Brilliant site. Fantastic salute to a great comedian. Keep up the great work...