The Fort Baxter Journal                                                                                             


Following the launch of The British Phil Silvers Appreciation Society in 1984 Mick and Steve

published the first edition of The Fort Baxter Journal in March 1985. The magazine ran for a total

of 19 issues (including 2 special double editions) and a series of one sheet Bilko Bulletins. Although

the early issues were crude by today's standards they were produced with great love and

enthusiasm for the subject matter...Mr Phil Silvers!


It was a heartwarming experience to discover that Phil enjoyed reading the first 2 magazines.

With that in mind we are proud to reproduce Issues 1 & 2 of these much sought after monochrome

gems for a whole new audience!


We proudly present Issues 1 & 2 of The Fort Baxter Journal... enjoy!



 The Fort Baxter Journal #1