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Super site and well done to everyone involved.
Mr. Silvers and the rest of the cast of the Bilko shows left us a marvellous legacy of laughter!
When I was a kid, the Sgt. Bilko Show was just appearing in re-runs here in the U.S.A. His timing was unmatched and he ALWAYS makes me laugh. I watched "The Slowest Gun in the West" on Youtube the other day and loved seeing him at top form!
Thank you Steve and Mick for your efforts! And thank you to all the members of this great fan club for helping to keep laughter alive!
I met Red Buttons a few years back. A nice fella who had nothing but great things to say about Phil. He signed my Phil bio and told me that Phil was the greatest comic he ever knew!
Still miss Bilko on TV. Great news that the show is finally coming to DVD.
A phenomenal site. A fantastic salute to a great comedian. Thanks to everyone involved with this!
Phil was just the greatest. I recall reading he wanted to move to the UK. Such a pity he never did...he was/is so very loved over here. A great comic...a great man.
Excellent site!
I grew up watching Phil Silver's Sgt Bilko. As a child of 35, spent years looking for Sgt Bilko DVDs only to find knock off's, Then I found the 50th anniversary DVD set which I got right away, But now the FULL seasons are coming out,Can't wait for the region 2 edition so have pre ordered the region 1 for July!
Excellent work to all involved!
Phil Silvers was a genius. Without doubt the greatest television comedian who set the benchmark for all contenders!
Fantastic tribute to a fantastic comedian. Well done to all concerned.
Been a Bilko fan since childhood and can remember seeing Sgt.Bilko on the Beeb in the 50's. I can't wait for the DVD's to come out. Love the site...
Super site!
Phil has the very rare gift of making people laugh today when viewing clips filmed 35-50 years ago. Truly one the funniest men ever to have ever appeared on television. A real treat where ever he appeared. Good luck to this society and to his family.
So excited to hear the old Sarge and the gang are heading to DVD again. The 50th anniversary set was good but what we really want is all four seasons!!!
Hyaarr-eyy-uppp! Fall in Phil Silvers/Bilko what a great read!! Info and pics galore on the great man and his wonderful work.....
Superb website. A great read for all fans of Phil Silvers. My congratulations to all involved.
The Phil Silvers Show has to rate as the most consistently funny comedy show ever made. There are not many 50 yr plus shows that are still funny today. Phil was the lynchpin of course but the other fellas played a great part in creating the greatest sitcom of all time! Great comedy never ages. Long live Sgt.Bilko and his merry crew!!!

What can I say about Bilko/Phil Silvers that hasn't already been said here on your website. What a milestone in comedy Phil and the gang gave us - the ultimate sitcom.

My Dad got me into Bilko so many years ago. I still love to watch the show...thank heavens I still have a video player that works. Even my kids love Bilko now!

I love SGT.BILKO and Phil Silvers. This website is gorgeous and what a tribute to a great comic!
I saw you fellas back in 2000 at the Walk Of Fame dedication. Having been a fan of Phil's for much of my adult life it amazes me that the people of the UK seem to have a greater understanding and appreciation of Phil and his talent than those of his homeland. I salute you and all of Phil's fans in his beloved England!
Bilko was my favorite tv show and Phil Silvers was a comic genius.
As a life-long fan of Phil Silvers I just wanted to say thanks for this site! You fellas should know how much your efforts are appreciated!
Great news that the first season of this wonderful series is coming to DVD so we can marvel at the antics of the old Sarge and his superb platoon! It's about time!!!

Thank you for your excellent Phil Silvers Appreciation Society site.
You put in a lot of hard work- and it shows! It's a great tribute to the legendary comic!
I've just spend the afternoon transferring some of my off-air recordings onto the PC, and was searching for episode info when I found this site. Lovely to see such interesting and original material here. I have great memories of Bilko. I used to hear about it as a kid (always on FAR too late at night), then was immediately a fan when the 80's repeats started. My very first wagepacket as a teenager was spent on my treasured Fort Baxter Story book. I was even lucky enough to see some at the cinema once. Keep up the excellent work!
Saw MAD WORLD on TCM today and loved it. A great film filled with knock-out performances. Our own Terry-Thomas was just brilliant. Phil as Otto Meyer was just superb and for me this role emcompassed everything that he was as a performer!!!
Phil Silvers was my grandfather! So exciting to see that he has a fan page!

Lily - thank you for signing the Guest Book. Your Grandfather is adored the world-over and we're proud and honoured to be able to do this for Phil and his family!
As a lifelong fan of Phil's I just wanted to pass on my congratulations on a phenomenal website. The photos, facts and info are amazing. Have visited many times and enjoyed! So looking forward to more episodes coming to DVD!

Great site and great news about Sgt.Bilko coming to DVD!
My Dad used to thrill me with stories about the time he watched Bilko being filmed. When I grew up I finally 'found' the show myself. Got to meet Mickey 'Zimmerman' Freeman a couple of years back...great guy and so friendly. Long live Bilko and long live Zimmerman! The greatest ever comedy show!

Bob, NYC 2010!
Oh for the glory days when Sgt.Bilko was on TV. I used to love getting in late at night and switching on BBC2 to watch Ernie up to his old tricks! Let's hope someone sees sense and puts the old Sarge back on the box!!!

Thanks Andrew! Check out the latest bulletin in News...
Long live Phil Silvers - The King Of Comedy!!
I first saw Phil in Sgt.Bilko back on the BBC in the 1980's. I wish the BBC or Sky would bring Bilko back to TV - it deserves to be seen by a whole new generation who can appreciate it. Long live the Sarge and the boys of the Motor Pool!
Great tribute to a fine comedian. ROLL CALL is excellent and the GALLERY is superb. Keep up the great work.
I was brought up on a diet of Sgt.Bilko as a child! I fell in love with Bilko and his gang and it continues to this day. My Dad taped all the shows the BBC screened in the eighties and once in a while we dig them out for our own Bilko-nights! The show is still very funny and Phil Silvers surely rates as one of the great comedians of all-time.

Thanks Joanne - it may seem archaic now but thanks heavens for VHS!
Thanks for this marvelous tribute to the late, great Phil Silvers. Outstanding!
It's about time we had a complete DVD release of Sgt.Bilko. Are there any plans to release it? Great site by the way.

Seamus all we can tell you is that there have been some discussions about a possible release of the series onto Blu-Ray DVD.
All I can say is WOW!! I recall seeing you boys on Pebble Mill many years ago. What you are doing for Phil is amazing.
Phil Silvers was a genius. The site is fantastic - great tribute to a Top Banana!
link to the tribute site isn't working!! (number 11)

Our service provider has been upgrading some of its programming language and caused us a few glitches. Link is working fine now..
Just to let you guys in the UK know that Phil and Sgt.Bilko are still adored by some of us in the US! You fellas in GB seem to have taken Phil to your hearts more than the country he was born in!

Have been a fan of Phil Silvers for as long as I can remember. I was lucky enough to meet him, when he was filming at Camber Sands in the Sixties. I was only ten but I still remember the day my Dad took me out to watch them filming. I met Phil and my Dad said he was very nice and very polite. I got to meet the Carry On gang too - I had no idea who any of them were at the time! If only I could go back in time and savour the moment!

Alan, Devon, UK.
Phil Silvers - surely the greatest exponent of TV comedy ever. Ernie Bilko is one of TV's finest creations and Phil played him superbly. A comic God!
Fantastic site...a great tribute to a brilliant comedian!
Met you fellows last week at Birmingham NEC. A great pleasure talking to you. Nice to find like-minded fans of the great Phil Silvers. Must say I am very impressed with the web-site. Purchased some of your Fort Baxter Journal back-issues - such a pity the mag is no longer printed. I look forward to seeing you again at the NEC in November. Keep up the excellent work!

I'm pleased to report I'm an original Bilko recruit. I first saw Ernie and the boys back in 1957 on the BBC. Loved it then....and still love it today. Thank God for my video collection. Why this series isn't available on DVD astounds me.
Thank you for spending your time to talk to me on Saturday at the NEC. It was nice to meet other fans of Phil Silvers and I was amazed at your knowledge and your collection of memorabilia. The website is brilliant. Looking forward to the November event.

Andy - Thanks so much for your kind comments. It was great meeting you down at the NEC. We had a fantastic time and will be there again for the November event. Keep in touch....
Hi fellas....just wanted to say congratulations on the site. I was a member back in the 1980's. The FBJ was great but what you've done with the site is superb. Phil would be proud. Long may it continue!

Alan, Perth, Aus.