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Just wanted to add my voice to the list - Phil Silvers was the ultimate comic's comic....a true master of his craft.
Fabulous tribute to a gifted comedian.
What a great site! Would that every comedian had such a thorough and loving tribute. Keep up the terrific work!
What a nice surprise to stumble upon you guys.
Phil was, and still is one of a kind!

Thanks for all the effort to keep him alive.

And, Phil? You never got rich, but you made us all richer.
Phil Silvers was simply the greatest comic of his generation. His portrayal of Ernie Bilko is a fresh, funny and vibrant today as it was 56 years ago! Many of today's so-called comics could learn a lot from the master! Love the site!!
One of the greatest American comedians and actors. One of the funniest and savviest television shows in the history of tv. All Hail Hiken!
Still the best tv show ever made - get it back on tv!

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I adore clever and still stands the test of time. Thankfully I have some dvds as the Beeb haven't shown the show for years!
Thank you for this excellent tribute to a great comedian and actor.
Beautiful site and a fine tribute to Phil Silvers.
Looking forward to 2011 - any news on the second season DVD release?
Bilko kicks ass!!!!!
Just wanted to add my voice to the many who've left a comment - Phil, Nat and that wonderful company of actors, writers and technicians gave us the greatest comedy show of all time!
I just came across guest book comment 167 in which James Mulholland describes sitting in the green room of the Dick Cavett Show on April 1, 1971. I also attended this taping, during my senior class trip. What a fantastic lineup of guests: Fats Domino, Phil Silvers and Jack Benny. Fats played "Blueberry Hill" and one of his "Walkin' " songs. Phil commented that a clarinet made an interesting sound when played into a trash can. A stagehand immediately brought out a shiny new trash can and placed it in front of Phil so he could demonstrate. And of course Jack was as witty as ever, even joking with the audience during one commercial break when a makeup person came out to cover up some age spots on his hands.

Arne - it's recollections like yours that help to keep Phil's memory alive! Bless ya!
Bilko ranks alongside Laurel and Hardy in my camp!
I have most of the episodes on DVD and often watch them-they are breathtaking in the plot and delivery especially that of Phil Silvers - he`s ALWAYS got an 'angle'
I never, ever tire of watching these shows - they are immortal and will carry Phil and his team into the future where generations to come will marvel at the wealth of talent within.
We have nothing that comes even near (in the way of talent ) these days - thank goodness these episodes were recorded.
Allen Warrender
Thank you for a superb site. Phil Silvers was a one-off. Just the greatest!!
Excellent site. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all concerned!
Phil Silvers was an astonishing and brilliant comic with impeccable timing and delivery for the TV era, I live in San Francisco Bay Area and grew up with our local channel showing Bilko and the Honeymooners every weeknight at 11:00, and as an American who idolized Monty Python also, it is great that the British, who have created the greatest rock music of all time (my favorite being the Kinks) are so coginizant of the man's genius. Thank you from California!
I woke up this morning remembering a dream about Phil Silvers as Bilko. I can still picture all the cast who were in the show. It brought back many happy memories of times past when we all sat around the TV watching a genius at work.
This site is an excellent tribute to Phil Silvers.
A phenomenal tribute to a fabulous comedian and actor!
I have just found this great site and it reminded me once again of the comic genius that was Phil Silvers
I once met Phil Silvers whilst on holiday in Los Angeles in the early 1980's. I was touched by the fact that he was so warm and friendly towards me. He talked about England, his fans in the UK and his Carry On appearance. To this day I treasure the memory of those few minutes spent in the company of a genius!!

Thank you Bruce! You lucky, lucky man! Did you get a snapshot?
Good news, I read that an Andy Caulton had been in the same car as Bea twenty plus years ago and recall you were trying to get a print of the picture you took, did it ever materialise?
Love the site, does anyone know anything about Joe E Ross's alleged 11 wives and why did Beatrice Pons dissapear off the face of the earth after 1987 when she made a film under the name of Rose Ross!

I know Joe really pi**ed her off with his pretentious starry image he had for himself but she was the coolest actress ever I feel if you know anything I would love to here either on this site or

Alos Paul Reed Jr has written a book called You grew up! which I have on order... check it out.

Bilko was and is unsurpassable!

Thanks for your comments Henry. From what we understand Beatrice Pons is still with us and we're very, very keen to get in touch with her! And leads gratefully received!
Have just bought the 50th Anniversary DVD and we (hubbie, kids and I) are greatly enjoying it. Delighted to learn how UK fans let Phil Silvers know how appreciated he was. Well done!
As a lifelong devotee of Phil Silvers I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone involved with this glorious site.
The Greatest Ever!
What else can I possibly add? Simply in a class of his own - a unique talent.
As a young person I loved watching this fantastic artist he was so funny at times he made my eyes watered from laughter!
Congrats on the excellent site - a fitting tribute to the true comedic genius of Phil Silvers. How many of today's shows will look as fresh in 50+ years as Sgt Bilko does today? Sad to see another living link to the show severed with the death of Coleman Jacoby, writer on both Phil Silvers and Jackie Gleason shows, who passed away this week aged 95.
The ultimate tribute to a fantastic artist. Mr Silvers would be proud.
Loved watching Bilko as a child with my Dad. Have loved the show ever since. Phil Silvers was brilliant as Bilko.
I've been watching Phil Silvers as Sgt Bilko for the last 30 years. He still makes me laugh out loud. Genius!
Phil Silvers...a comic genius!
All I can say is wow! Superb site and an outstanding tribute to Phil Silvers.
Just got my complete set of Bilko. Every one including the pilot! Sides hurt with laughing so much!
Great site,thought you might be interested in this-its the original artwork for the 1959 annual-got it 25 years ago when World distributors had a sort out.Cheers Martin
It is a puzzle to me, how I first saw my first Phil Silvers show. At the time we lived in North Wales . Church, three times every sunday. I can only imagine, that I must have seen the show, when visiting relatives in Liverpool. I was hooked and I tried my best to avoid going to sunday school, so i could see Bilko. Sometimes, my mother would buckle under the pressure. To me he was a comic genius, who still makes me laugh He was also superbly supported by a very good cast. My favourite episodes, Bilko's Perfect Day and The Hoodlum.
Excellent site and a worthy tribute to a great comedian.
Thanks for such a wonderful tribute to my all-time favourite comedian...Phil Silvers.

Just wanted to add my thanks to all involved with this webpage. A fabulous tribute to a wonderful comedian and actor.
Phil Silvers was a genius!
Bilko is the best comedy show ever by a mile! I have most of the shows taped and must have watched them all at least a dozen times each... Still find them as fresh and funny as the first time I saw them.

Great site... A worthy tribute to Phil!
Am 42 years old and have been watching Bilko since I was 16. I have 5 sons and even the youngest who is 3 knows my favourite coffee mug has Sgt Bilko on it!! Great site, have been looking for one like this for ages.
I've just read the sad news of the death of Mickey Freeman (Pte Zinnemann). His death at 90, although one website mention he was born in 1917,is probably the last link to the regular Bilko cast and robs us of any primary anecdotes of this peerless comedy.

Thoughts and love to his family.

Thanks for your comments Graham. It is indeed a great loss, Mickey was our last contact although it should be mentioned Mick and myself spoke to Mickey on a regular basis since the mid 80s. He was a positive mindfield of info and jokes! Sadly we will never see his like again...
Dear Steve and Mick

If you guys recognise my name, it's because I was a charter subscriber to The Fort Baxter Journal. In the intervening years I've kept busy with a bunch of magazine-related stuff (Loaded, Nuts and Uncut). I don't think that I've ever met a men's market journo who isn't a massive fan.

Anyway, news of Mickey Freeman's death sent my old schoolmate, Rich Chapman, and myself into a swift phone trip down memory lane. I always loved the dynamic between Phil, Billy Sands and Mickey Freeman!

I was amazed to discover that you guys are still going strong and that you produce such an amazingly detailed website.Well done, gents - keep it up. Mickey will be sorely missed.

Andrew Sumner
My sincere thanks to all concerned with this excellent site.
Been an avid Phil/Bilko fan for many years. Just wanted to say thank you for such a great site. The ROLL CALL section is superb!!
Just to say what a great site you have. It's about time Phil Silvers and Nat Hiken received due credit for what is, beyond a doubt the greatest comedy creation the US ever produced.