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20th of September 2015 02:29 PM by gary deschene
Would love to get a dvd set of the phil silvers show. Can anyone steer me in the right direction? Loved his show growing up.
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12th of September 2015 03:05 PM by leslie phillip website:
I grew up in 1950s watching stg bilko on the tv and i am now experiencing these shows all over again with the complete twenty disc box set. In my opinion Phill Silvers was an all time great and was made for this part, when he was around all eyes were on him.
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3rd of September 2015 10:11 PM by Paul Sewter
How many shows that you thought were funny in your teens are still just as funny 40 years later? The Phil Silvers show has stood the test of time like no other I can think of.

We couldn't agree with you more Paul. A landmark show that has stood the test of time. As Phil would've said "Funny is funny!!".

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19th of July 2015 09:54 PM by John Davies
Phil Silvers, genius - that one with the chimp was unbelievable. I remember his interview when quite ill and said how you go on stage with the same act in the day and get a standing ovation and do the same act at night and walk off to the sound of your own footsteps - no wonder comedians have nervous breakdowns- I was a teacher for 20 years and I remember that.
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16th of July 2015 12:53 PM by John Etherton website:
I am now 76. In earlier years our whole family glued ourselves to Phil's Sgt Bilko on the television Every show had us helpless with laughter. I am slowly collecting some of the videos/DVD's which are available

Many, many thanks for your comments John. It seems to be a common theme that Phil's comedy has been and continues to be enjoyed by families the world over!
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11th of July 2015 07:38 PM by Donald Kane
just got the full box set as I was even contemplating putting my old bilko videos from the bbc 2 rerun onto DVD ..and yes bought the machine but now all is great,my future laughter is secure forever..good luck with the rerun on BBC 4. This needs to happen people need laughter!
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9th of July 2015 03:34 PM by Stu
Really love the show
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29th of June 2015 09:22 PM by John Miller website:
I watched from an early age the Bilko series and it never fails to make me laugh even to this day. Phil Silvers was a true comedy genius and I think his star in Hollywood is well deserved and a great credit to his talent. Well done Steve and Mick for your ongoing dedication.
I look forward to the opening of the museum.
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26th of June 2015 09:29 PM by Ray Bryant
Why doesn't the PS Appreciation Society offer Sgt Bilko tee shirts in a range of colours, sizes and different logo's????
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26th of June 2015 09:24 PM by Ray Bryant
I was introduced to watching Sgt Bilko on TV by my dad and now I'm 69 I'm sat here watching re-runs of the series with my two young grandchildren who laugh at everything he does.
Its was way ahead of its time and is still as funny as it was back then.
Phil Silvers was a true genius and fully deserved the accolades he received.
Bilko will never die.
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4th of June 2015 08:16 PM by John Hessenthaler website:
Been watching Bilko on every night Forces TV sky channel 264 7.25pm weekdays.
So funny and refreshing.
I am a Theatre UK promoter wish I could promote a live version ????
Any ideas anyone ??
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26th of May 2015 06:57 PM by GARY PEACOCK (GLASGOW, SCOTLAND)
I've just bought the box set of the dvd of bilko. I had a pirate copy for about 10 years but the quality wasn't great. I can't wait to watch from start to finish the greatest comedy show ever made. my dad started me watching the show when I was about 10 years old, I'm 54 now, I wish he could have lived to see it brought out on dvd.
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25th of May 2015 03:17 AM by pete gillies west australia
phil did lots of movies to support the american war effort ,he always makes me smile ,laugh ,breakup, go on you phil.
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14th of May 2015 07:55 PM by Tessa
Have loved Phil Silvers Bilko ,since first watching in 1960.Now I still get a lot of fun thanks to my dvd collection, Brilliant show!
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14th of May 2015 11:53 AM by Graham Winstanley
I watched in the nineteen fifties when it was first broadcast on the BBC and I am still watching it now on Forces TV in 2015. Must be one of the funnest TV shows ever made. Phil Silvers and the rest of the cast were perfect in their roles. I must treat myself to the full series now its available on DVD !
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20th of April 2015 05:46 PM by Burt
I got to sign up as a total fan of Mr Silvers. US comedy was always so advanced in its intelligence and just so well produced. Bilko stands the test of time to this day. Today comedy (especially British) is so 'dark' its just misanthropic and twisted and not anywhere near as funny as US comedy even back in the 50's.
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31st of March 2015 03:08 PM by Russ Jones
Still loving watching the repeats on Forces Tv. One of the best Tv shows in history.
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17th of March 2015 04:52 PM by Peter Johnson
I grew up with Bilko during the 80s. This program ranks amongst the true comedy classics of all time. Phil Silvers charm and sharp wit is a delight to watch. The script writing was fresh and ingenious. They certainly don't make them like this anymore.
Thanks Phil.
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13th of March 2015 09:58 PM by David Skillen
A great tribute to one of the funniest shows ever created. The word genius is much over used but in Phil Silver's case there is no other word that will do. That also applies to Nat Hiken and the rest of the cast. Thanks for all the information on the site.
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9th of March 2015 05:59 PM by STEPHEN DREW
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21st of February 2015 08:13 PM by JOHN HARROD
Check out Forces TV channel,,where Mon-Fri. at 7.25pm Bilko is shown!

Great to see all these very funny shows after so many years, happy watching!
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15th of February 2015 12:30 AM by Mark Lukasiak
My dad, Karl Lukas, was Stash Kadowski. So nice to see your site keeps the Bilko Show alive.
Found an interview Mick did with my dad back in 1986. Thanks for the memories.
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15th of February 2015 12:29 AM by Mark Lukasiak
My dad was Stash Kadowski. So nice to see your site keeps the Bilko Show alive.
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12th of February 2015 08:49 PM by Vincent Stafford
Takes me right back to my happy childhood to what seems like another world never mind another time. Absolute genius writing and performances and even though I have enjoyed many and various comedy performers and performances over the years this stuff is right up there with the very,very best. So my grateful thanks to the late great Phil Silvers and company for making me laugh, laugh again, and then some !
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29th of January 2015 10:55 PM by Trevor Honeyball
I've been watching the Phil Silvers Show on the Forces TV Channel in the UK and even after all these years it is still very funny!
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28th of January 2015 06:41 PM by Paul Denton
Superb site for a superb actor
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21st of December 2014 12:38 PM by Scouseacus
One of the few black and white sitcoms I can watch time and time again. My favourite episode was when they were making a film about spark plugs and Ernie turned it into a variety show with glamour, dancing and singing. Colonel Hall, was his usual exasperated self and was berating Ernie when his wife started to tell him what she had learned about engines etc. I often use this as an example when I am training, pointing out that you can get the message over without always resorting to 'Talk and Chalk'
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9th of December 2014 09:13 PM by Mike Hobbs
Simply the best.
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1st of December 2014 04:32 PM by Chris
I found you thanks to an article on today's Guardian and I found Bilko thanks to my uncle who passed on his love of the character to me.
I haven't thought about Phil for years as I have hardly watched TV in recently but I had to click on the link as soon as I saw his face today.
What a performer and great writing from Nat Hiken, I'm smiling again just at the thought of those shows.
I shall relish exploring your site in future.
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1st of December 2014 01:59 PM by bill steel website:
Funny, funny!!!
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30th of October 2014 03:08 PM by ian wood
Just in case you are not aware, but bilko is on "forces tv" every weekday 10:30 and 7:30.
Sky 264, freesat 652 and virgin 244

Cheers ian
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27th of October 2014 04:28 PM by Clive Roberts
I would love to purchase copies of the "Fort Baxter journal". Are any still available out there and if so how can I obtain them? I would really like the full set if possible but individual copies would be acceptable.
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27th of October 2014 10:38 AM by Rob Burton
Got the Complete Box set for my Birthday. Phil Silvers was a Childhood hero slowly watching "The Great Man" in action again. What A Comic Talent ! Every episode a Great Memory of a Great Talent! Phil may be gone but will never be forgotten! A "Legend & a Genius"!
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18th of October 2014 05:33 AM by Charles Hodgson
Thanks Mike! Couldn't hold out any longer, and ordered a copy of the Box Set today. My understanding after checking around, is that Medium Rare (UK) have simply transferred the Shou Factory (USA) print from NTSC format to PAL. So whilst (in theory anyway), Film > PAL may have been better than Film > NTSC > PAL (as it's one step closer to the original format), I'm not going to let that spoil my enjoyment after a 30+ year wait! Also, contents / bonus features are IDENTICAL. Okay, on with the fun! Get a shift on, Mr. Postman!
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15th of October 2014 12:32 AM by Andrew Sutton website:
I am now 49 yrs old and can remember as a kid watching the Sgt Bilko show with my father rolling in laughter on the settee next to me. I recently watched six episodes again on DVD and unlike most tv shows from the time, the comedy is still fresh and not dated and I can only put that down to the great talent that Phil brought to the show - it is truly unique a relevant reflection on the past to all when the bad guys were good at heart and bloody funny as well = roll on 2015 and lets hope the BBC see sense and let another generation see these great shows
Post number:
13th of October 2014 06:58 PM by mike fontanelli
Thanks for the wonderful fan site!!

@ Charles Hodgson: I haven't screened the UK version, but I CAN vouch for the US Region 1 NTSC set - it's absolutely sublime. Got it a month early in a special offer from the publisher, and have been gobbling up episodes like popcorn ever since. I'm positive the UK set is using the same quality prints: perfect picture and sound, uncut episodes. You can't go wrong. The only ones who may have a legitimate complaint are my neighbors, who are probably sick of hearing me laughing my head off!
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13th of October 2014 11:16 AM by Bobby
I've just discovered the show is being aired on forces tv in the uk and can be seen via both sky and virgin. It's timeless and quite simply the funniest TV show of all time.
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2nd of October 2014 07:51 PM by Tony Dallman
Just bought the complete Sgt Bilko shows. Absolutely brilliant. Hope BBC 4 can be persuaded to show them so that a whole new generation can enjoy the show and in particular Phil Silvers performance
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24th of September 2014 03:38 AM by Charles Hodgson
Just come across this website after reading about the Complete DVD Box Set, and watching 'Carry On Follow That Camel' over the weekend! Phil as Bilko was the greatest TV comedy of all time, and I've been hoping for a proper full collection for many years. Great to find out it is now out of Time-Life purgatory at last. I would certainly have signed the petition if I'd come by here sooner, sorry. I know there will be many episodes which were not broadcast by the BBC (and which I have therefore never seen), which is incredibly exciting.

I will definitely be buying this very soon in any case, but (boring bit!) could you let me know if this set does proper justice quality wise? Also, are the US/UK versions identical (except for the artwork, of course!), and if there is anything to recommend one over the other? Many thanks!
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19th of September 2014 11:28 AM by Nick
Great news on the DVD. Been many years since I have seen Bilko but it used to be mandatory viewing late nights on BBC2 - he's sadly absent over here in NZ.
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16th of September 2014 03:32 PM by Simon (oldham)
My dad got me watching Phi Silvers when I was a kid, I'm 56 now and its as funny now as it was then........PURE CLASS
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4th of September 2014 04:08 PM by Stephen Goulding
Great to meet you last week and all the very best for the future. Looking forward to the DVD Box Set !
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29th of August 2014 06:36 PM by Derek Lyons website:
Hi Mick and Steve,

This is a marvelous site, well done.

Nice meeting you both

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29th of August 2014 02:36 PM by mark taha
Delighted to meet you and Cathy Silvers at NFT last night. I gave a talk on Bilko to a book club last April.Has anyone ever tried writing Bilko fan fiction?
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16th of August 2014 10:11 PM by rosco website:
entire complete series to be released
check amazon us
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16th of August 2014 12:20 AM by Francesco Scalzo
The greatest improviser of one line rebuttals, a vibrant personality and a good heart
Post number:
6th of August 2014 11:13 PM by Paul Lewisburg
One of the most talented comedy actors ever,it no surprise his shows were rerun for so long on BBC2 as I remember. Good to know that they may show some more Bilkos next year.

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5th of August 2014 01:19 AM by andy
A wonderful memory from my childhood. Rarely missed a show.
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5th of July 2014 02:47 AM by Mike Zelinsky
A long time fan of The wonderful Sgt. Bilko show, I was once regaling my native New Yorker friend about some of my favorite episodes. "Musselman's Law" came up, and it was then from my friend that I learned where "Musselman's Law" got its name. According to my friend, Musselman's Applesauce was /is a staple which could be found in almost every Jewish kitchen in New York, probably including Nat Hiken's, Phil's and all of his writers.