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10th of September 2016 09:51 AM by Malcolm Donaldson
Can never tire of watching Bilko,even after all these years the show is way ahead of anything you will see these days.....Always be a fan of Ernie
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25th of July 2016 12:06 AM by Matty Giuliano
Simply The Best!
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11th of June 2016 10:12 AM by dave dainty
all time classic comedy that still stands out today, just ordered the complete dvd set, bring it back on tv!!
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8th of June 2016 08:25 PM by Ian Middleton
I was brought up watching Sgt Bilko. Funniest show on telly.
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25th of May 2016 07:35 PM by john barnett
My favourite is Bilko Goes South. I first saw these shows in the 1950 s because my brother who was 11 years older than me watched them . I was too young to follow the subtleties but Phil Silvers was such a funny man that he carried it for me . I think that secretly we would all like to be him.
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22nd of May 2016 01:10 PM by Gavin
Just been re-watching Bilko in the past few days, still laugh out loud funny! Phil has got to be one of the greatest performers of all, such an agile mind coupled with being a great physical comedian. Very well done for this great, great website! Tayyy-up!
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21st of May 2016 12:08 AM by Mike Hobbs
Phil made my dad laugh......probably the only person on the planet who could do that !
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15th of May 2016 09:02 PM by David Logue
I remember buying a bilko t shirt out of HMV in Union st Glasgow with win a three day pass 5 bucks see sgt bilko on it. During the mid too lates 1980's
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13th of May 2016 05:50 PM by Mark Crump website:
Please could you e. Mail me on with details of the Phil Silvers museum in Coventry. I am an avid fan. Or please text me on 07810335585 Thank you
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3rd of May 2016 05:45 PM by raymond dollan
I loved this show and still do they were all such talented people and I don't think we will see their like again may they all r.i.p thank you for brining so much laughter to everyone on the planet
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9th of March 2016 12:22 PM by Colin Fraser website: http://N/a
My dads favourite show on telly tho I -as a teenager - quickly found out how much I enjoyed them to.
Glad to find this site to Phil Silvers talent.
Happy days.Bilko was one of the TV high spots in the week.
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14th of January 2016 11:21 PM by Mike Anderson
I've spent the past two days going through your wonderful website. It's a great tribute, not only to Phil Silvers, but to those who loved him. I watched Bilko re-runs in the 60s and now enjoy seeing them again on ME TV in Baltimore. In 1972 I was in the audience of the Dick Cavett Show when Mr. Silvers talked about his depression. He was a grand performer who played Baltimore during his vaudeville years. What a performer!
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30th of November 2015 02:31 PM by Jim Kelly
I'm an occasional visitor to this fine tribute website to the incomparable Phil Silvers - I started watching Bilko re-runs on the BBC as a youngster in 1980, to this day no other comedy show comes close to its timeless genius. I visited today because I thought other fans of the show might be interested to know that the New Yorker magazine website is carrying a new piece about the life and times of Bilko cast member P J Sidney who campaigned over a long career to integrate US TV. (can't link directly here as site does not allow it).

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30th of November 2015 11:10 AM by William Hale
Just returned from a visit to your Society's wonderful museum. Steve and Mick have done a wonderful job in presenting a terrific collection of Phil Silvers mementoes and memorabilia. I salute you fellas for helping continue Phil's legacy!
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27th of November 2015 09:50 AM by Steve Boyer
Went to see Steve yesterday there are some great collectibles on show in his museum. Well worth a look.
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16th of November 2015 12:00 PM by William Bailllie
Always been a fan of the greatest and first sitcom in history,the holl cast made the show yes Silvers was id the best,but from Ford to the rest truly brilliant,as a kid from Scotland,i still watch it every day to get my Bilko fix.and would the rubbish on TV now watch dvds even more,and Bilko should be on TV now especialy on Saturdays were truly knothing on,simply the greatest.
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15th of November 2015 11:09 PM by Bob Hughes
I came across Bilko on UK tv in the late 50s. I lived in a small Welsh village, where the sabbath was strongly obeyed.Bilko was shown, mid afternoon on a sunday.All l can think was an english uncle visited, we were kept off sunday school and he asked to see Bilko on the tv. Well that was it, after that, l made every effort to stay away from sunday school to see Bilko. The comedy and the persona of Bilko, has given me such pleasure over the years. He was absolutely brilliant and in real life Phils life was amazing
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14th of November 2015 04:28 AM by William Gillan website: http://baillie24@live.
Been a fan for years,being from Scotland,I first saw Bilko in 70s,and realized it is the first worlds best comedy's, Bilko was like Elvis the king Presley, he was first, and still after all this time still truly brilliant, and Bilko was also first in making from Silvers,Ford,the hall cast was amazing, sad Steve Martin made such a mess of the film,but then you can't replace Martin with Silves,he was and will always be Bilko,as Ford was col Hall,truly the greatestest ever cast first formed and Harkening written truly brilliant.
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5th of November 2015 10:52 AM by Colin Jellis
I was brought up watching Bilko, and in a strange way I guess it actually shapped my attitude to life, you learn as the moral of Bilko "That you will never get Rich" if you try to be dishonest. It is the milestone of all good comedy ,with a cast that could not have been bettered.
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5th of November 2015 12:17 AM by Steve Jones
Great to learn about your website and museum dedicated to the immortal Mr Silvers, star of the best comedy show of all time.
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4th of November 2015 05:49 AM by Brian O'Connell
Congratulations on your new Phil Silvers museum. I wish I could afford to fly to England and visit it.
I remember that The Phil Silvers Show was a favorite growing up. I also enjoyed him in "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" along with an all-star cast.
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3rd of November 2015 03:25 PM by Trevor Brigham
I was a huge fan of the show, which I watched on a Saturday night in the early 70s along with 'That's Life' and 'Match of the Day' when my parents were out. The whole cast was brilliant and the dialogue cracked along faster than the Colonel's jeep. I'd rather watch it again than most of the offerings passing as comedy these days!
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2nd of November 2015 11:04 PM by David Lonsdale
Read about your museum and I have been watching Bilko on YouTube the last few nights. It took me back to the 1950's and watching the show with my dear Dad as we laughed out loud. I still laugh out loud at these brilliant episodes. Thanks for your efforts, guys.
As an aside, when I attended Sunday School for a short time, the teacher told us there is only one Creator. I told him I'd seen on television a caption saying "Created by Nat Hiken" so there must be more than one. He went ballistic at me, shouting and raging. I gave up Sunday School after that.
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2nd of November 2015 03:05 PM by Charlie easton website:
Great to find this fan club, Bilko is timeless
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2nd of November 2015 12:37 PM by Gosfield
Just discovered this via the BBC site.
Bilko conjures up such wonderful memories not just of watching the series but of recalling my Dad's rapturous laughter at the show. I remember it as being the highlight of the week, of being a beacon of joy at a time when, economically, things at home were tough.
It was so well written and superbly acted with a natural and spontaneous sense of comic timing.
Bilko is a fond and abiding memory of my childhood and thank you so much for creating this.
Although I live a couple of hundred of miles away I definitely visit the museum!
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2nd of November 2015 10:38 AM by Andy whitfield website:
Hi. I heard Phil silvers wrote the lyrics to Nancy (with the smiling face) one of my favourite tunes as he was a friend of sinatra. Is this true?
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2nd of November 2015 05:29 AM by Robert Guttman (USA)
I used to see Phil Silvers' show (Sergeant Bilko) when it was on U.S. television, which was actually in the 1950s, though apparently it didn't make it to the U.K. until the mid 1960s. I was astonished to learn recently that the British consider Silvers a comic genius, and rate his show the top television situation comedy of all time, above even "Fawlty Towers" and "Yes Minister". It is sad that Phil Silvers has been almost completely forgotten in the U.S., and it is difficult to account for it since he was an extremely talented performer who enjoyed a very long and successful career on stage, on radio, in movies and on television.
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1st of November 2015 10:42 PM by juvenal
Bilko is still the best sitcom ever. It doesn't age, and the fast-talking sergeant is perhaps the greatest comedy character ever created. Bless you, Phil.
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1st of November 2015 07:57 PM by Peter lester
I have memories as a young boy watching Bilko and the tricks he got up too , he was and is a true legend and a hard act to follow.
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1st of November 2015 06:52 PM by Chris mac
Many fond teenage memories watching Billko, Harold Lloyd and Laurel n Hardy in 80's.
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1st of November 2015 03:08 PM by jim Dobson
I have been a fan of Phil Silvers AKA Sgt E Bilko since the show was first show on BBC in the 1950's. I remember cycling home from work Hull Paragon Station I did not own a car then and could not afford the bus fares either. I never missed a programe. I now own the full set OF DVDs of every show as well as three books, two about Bilko and the other Phil Silvers.
Bilko was, and still is my favorite of all time. Brilliant is to modest to describe this genius. I only learnt about the appreciation Society Today and at the age of 78 I appreciate what you have done so far and what you are doing now.
Thank you so very much for sharing this with me. Good luck Steve Everitt and Mick Clews with your venture in Coventry
Best wishes Jim Dobson, Doncaster, Yorkshire
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1st of November 2015 11:14 AM by Russell d
The best comedy ever.I will always remember the episode with Harry speak up .brilliant
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1st of November 2015 11:12 AM by steve boyer website:
my dads favourite, can still see him laughing in chair. I know he wrote the lyrics to Nancy with the laughing face,did he do anything else musically?
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1st of November 2015 09:35 AM by Dave Good website:
Sgt. Bilko was the greatest and Sgt Knocker stupendous
I,ve seen most of the episodes of Bilko and there is nothing that comes close to Phil's timing. He was the greatest
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20th of September 2015 02:29 PM by gary deschene
Would love to get a dvd set of the phil silvers show. Can anyone steer me in the right direction? Loved his show growing up.
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12th of September 2015 03:05 PM by leslie phillip website:
I grew up in 1950s watching stg bilko on the tv and i am now experiencing these shows all over again with the complete twenty disc box set. In my opinion Phill Silvers was an all time great and was made for this part, when he was around all eyes were on him.
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3rd of September 2015 10:11 PM by Paul Sewter
How many shows that you thought were funny in your teens are still just as funny 40 years later? The Phil Silvers show has stood the test of time like no other I can think of.

We couldn't agree with you more Paul. A landmark show that has stood the test of time. As Phil would've said "Funny is funny!!".

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19th of July 2015 09:54 PM by John Davies
Phil Silvers, genius - that one with the chimp was unbelievable. I remember his interview when quite ill and said how you go on stage with the same act in the day and get a standing ovation and do the same act at night and walk off to the sound of your own footsteps - no wonder comedians have nervous breakdowns- I was a teacher for 20 years and I remember that.
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16th of July 2015 12:53 PM by John Etherton website:
I am now 76. In earlier years our whole family glued ourselves to Phil's Sgt Bilko on the television Every show had us helpless with laughter. I am slowly collecting some of the videos/DVD's which are available

Many, many thanks for your comments John. It seems to be a common theme that Phil's comedy has been and continues to be enjoyed by families the world over!
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11th of July 2015 07:38 PM by Donald Kane
just got the full box set as I was even contemplating putting my old bilko videos from the bbc 2 rerun onto DVD ..and yes bought the machine but now all is great,my future laughter is secure forever..good luck with the rerun on BBC 4. This needs to happen people need laughter!
Post number:
9th of July 2015 03:34 PM by Stu
Really love the show
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29th of June 2015 09:22 PM by John Miller website:
I watched from an early age the Bilko series and it never fails to make me laugh even to this day. Phil Silvers was a true comedy genius and I think his star in Hollywood is well deserved and a great credit to his talent. Well done Steve and Mick for your ongoing dedication.
I look forward to the opening of the museum.
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26th of June 2015 09:29 PM by Ray Bryant
Why doesn't the PS Appreciation Society offer Sgt Bilko tee shirts in a range of colours, sizes and different logo's????
Post number:
26th of June 2015 09:24 PM by Ray Bryant
I was introduced to watching Sgt Bilko on TV by my dad and now I'm 69 I'm sat here watching re-runs of the series with my two young grandchildren who laugh at everything he does.
Its was way ahead of its time and is still as funny as it was back then.
Phil Silvers was a true genius and fully deserved the accolades he received.
Bilko will never die.
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4th of June 2015 08:16 PM by John Hessenthaler website:
Been watching Bilko on every night Forces TV sky channel 264 7.25pm weekdays.
So funny and refreshing.
I am a Theatre UK promoter wish I could promote a live version ????
Any ideas anyone ??
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26th of May 2015 06:57 PM by GARY PEACOCK (GLASGOW, SCOTLAND)
I've just bought the box set of the dvd of bilko. I had a pirate copy for about 10 years but the quality wasn't great. I can't wait to watch from start to finish the greatest comedy show ever made. my dad started me watching the show when I was about 10 years old, I'm 54 now, I wish he could have lived to see it brought out on dvd.
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25th of May 2015 03:17 AM by pete gillies west australia
phil did lots of movies to support the american war effort ,he always makes me smile ,laugh ,breakup, go on you phil.
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14th of May 2015 07:55 PM by Tessa
Have loved Phil Silvers Bilko ,since first watching in 1960.Now I still get a lot of fun thanks to my dvd collection, Brilliant show!
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14th of May 2015 11:53 AM by Graham Winstanley
I watched in the nineteen fifties when it was first broadcast on the BBC and I am still watching it now on Forces TV in 2015. Must be one of the funnest TV shows ever made. Phil Silvers and the rest of the cast were perfect in their roles. I must treat myself to the full series now its available on DVD !