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19th of August 2013 08:47 PM by Roy Roberts
Simply the best comedy ever!
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11th of June 2013 07:23 PM by Tam O'Hara
I've been watching Bilko for well over 50 years, from the original UK airings to the DVD releases, and it's still as funny now as it was in the 50's. The site is a wonderful mine of information about most of the characters in the show, but I can't seem to find any biographic material on Fender. Is there a reason for this, or is it just that I'm looking in the wrong place?

Anyway, a great site, performing a vital function in helping to keep the memory of Bilko and his platoon alive. Long may you prosper.

Thanks for your comments Tam. Work is ongoing on Herbie's bio along with bios of other cast members and will be posted to the site shortly.
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6th of June 2013 12:10 PM by Dave
I will watch these episodes until the day I die.Head and shoulders above any past,current and [probably ]future sitcoms!! Comic genius at its best!!!
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14th of May 2013 12:27 PM by Andy Haynes
The Phil Silvers Show was without doubt the greatest TV comedy ever made - there is no debate to this fact. well written, brilliantly funny, terrific cast - just perfect. I was introduced to it in the late 70s early 80s by my grandmother, who used to let me stay up late to watch it on BBC1 when it had its regular, if sporadic, late night slot. I joined the appreciation society in 1985 as a young teenager - I believe I might have been the youngest member at the time. My love of Bilko and Phil Silvers has never wained. This website is brilliant - a fitting tribute to the man and a great testament to the excellent work Steve and Mick have done of the last quarter of a century or so.

Thanks Andy for staying the course with us. Glad to know us Bilkophiles are still championing the cause!!
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12th of May 2013 11:56 AM by Andy Owens
The Phil Silvers Show is, to me, the funniest and most consistent show that has ever been on television.
My dad would tell me about the show and when they started playing the reruns in the '90s, I got to see just what he'd been talking about all of those years. He has since past, but I have very vivid memories of us watching the show together (often in tears).
I have since introduced the show to my kids and they love it like I do.
Thank you Phil Silvers!

Thanks for your wonderful comments Andy! Truly appreciated!
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3rd of May 2013 10:46 PM by Mark Bloomfield
Fantastic tribute and nice to read about the supporting actors. Bring back Bilko!!

Thanks for your wonderful comments Mark. Gladaknowya!!
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3rd of May 2013 04:53 AM by Fernando Llera website: http://
Thank you for keeping Phil's work and memory alive! He was one of the few truly great comedians of the 20th century and his talent deserves to be preserved, promoted and spread all over the world!

We couldn't agree with you more Fernando. Many thanks for visiting the site!
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15th of April 2013 08:02 PM by Brian Ward website:
Wonderful television...never ages but improves with age.
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16th of March 2013 01:50 AM by Tina Hardman
Just found your excellent website. I first saw Bilko in the very early 1980's on the BBC. I have loved the series ever since. Phil Silvers was incredible. Ernie Bilko was the greatest comedy character ever seen on television. I have been watching Comic Relief this evening and whilst it undoubtedly promotes a worthy cause the standard of wit and humour is sadly lacking. Who would have believed that a black and white comedy from the 1950's would surpass its modern counterparts nearly sixty years later. Many thanks to Phil Silvers, Nat Hiken and all the Bilko gang. The laughter continues!
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14th of March 2013 08:28 PM by anthony mancinimarkeycome
even though the last episode was filmed before i was born to me it is the best show ever
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8th of March 2013 11:30 AM by Dave Showler
What a great site, a wonderful tribute to Phil Silvers ... It will take some time to see everything here
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7th of March 2013 03:10 PM by michael
the phil silvers show is still the best thing around. great show
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3rd of March 2013 11:36 AM by Mike Winters
I watched Bilko as a young boy and again when the shows were repeated on BBC some years later. I watch them again now (those released on DVD) plus some I video taped many years ago and they still give me great pleasure. To maintain the standard of the scripts throughout was a fantastic achievement. One of the few evergreen comedies that never fails to hit the mark.
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16th of February 2013 08:28 PM by David Bailey
I've been a huge fan of Phil Silvers and the outstanding Sgt Bilko comedy. Phil has to be the best male comedian in a sitcom and Lucille Ball the best comedienne of The Lucy Show. Phil was also fantastic in Carry on Follow that Camel as Sgt Knocker and in the brilliant 'Its a mad mad mad mad world'. He was great too in his recurring role in Happy Days. A true comic genius with great timing.
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14th of February 2013 01:34 PM by Bill Williams (ExBomber Command WW2)
Not normally fond of Yanky Shows ~however , I never missed any of BILKO's Progs
Have recordings which I must look for
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12th of February 2013 06:21 PM by mark taha
Just found out about you. Bilko was the greatest sitcom of them all,in my opinion. Is there any Bilko fan fiction?

Thanks for your comments Mark. If you're on Facebook then why not come along and join our ranks? Always plenty of discussion about Phil, his life, his work and of course all things Bilko!
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11th of January 2013 12:55 AM by Dai Edwards, Cardiff
Glorious, stupendous, amazing tribute to my all-time favourite comedian Phil SIlvers.
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2nd of January 2013 02:10 PM by John J. Williams website:
A colossal website devoted to one heck of a man.........Some crackerjack articles, great photos, wonderful anecdotes and insights......You guys need congratulating for having such patience and commitment to such a huge project......Well done to all concerned......and for the love of Mike get those remaining three seasons released on.......BluRay please!!

Thanks for your comments JJW...Sadly it's not good news re the DVD releases....CBS currently have no immediate plans to release seasons 2, 3 & 4 to DVD....however we ask all devotees of the show to WATCH THIS SPACE! Congratulations to you on your superb website....Gladaknowya!!
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25th of December 2012 12:39 PM by Philip Powell
A classic series and a class comedy actor who set the standard for others to follow.
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29th of November 2012 08:32 PM by Billy Gillan website:
Was born too late to see Bilko in the 50s,but as a young kid in the 80s saw the episode with monkey and was hooked.Love Phil silvers and the cast.And I feel probaly the best from Paul Ford to Maurice Gosfild.Hated the THE Steve Martin Movie and the fact they change every one making the corporal a girl with attitude,which i know we live in a changed world,but some things you leave alone because of there greatness.As a Scottish person its my favourite American show and second to Only Fools and Horses a british show. America has given us many brilliant shows but thanks to Phill Silvers and the gang this was the best.This sounds lame but God Bless America for giving us Bilko.
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12th of November 2012 12:54 AM by Tim Trounce
What a fantastic tribute to one of the greats of television. I've never been on an appreciation site packed with so much information , what a great job guys ;-)
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15th of August 2012 01:08 AM by Dave Rogers
This is my first of what will be many visits to this marvelous site. I've always loved Phil Silvers and this is such a great venue for keeping his memory and talents alive. I applaud you for having this wonderfully professional website. It is filled to the brim with information. Nothing has been overlooked. I am very impressed and can't wait to explore more.

Thanks for those kind thoughts Dave. Always happy to welcome a fellow Phil-fan to the site!
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13th of August 2012 08:19 PM by Joel Beavis
Fantastic website in tribute to a great man. Not only is the Phil Silvers show my favourite show of all time, it hugely influenced so many more shows that I now adore as well. I recently watched an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry David was caught in a choice between his Jewish heritage and a hot Palestinian girl, the episode ended with Larry trying to make up his mind, for me the playful and telling facial expressions were pure Phil Silvers. It was comedy gold.
Without Phil Silvers TV would be a much sadder place and I am forever grateful to him for that.
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13th of July 2012 04:18 AM by Andy Caulton
Brilliant website, filled many gaps in my knowledge of Bilko, just the best comedy performance, montage of actors and scripts ever..
Back in 1983", I spent my first summer coaching soccer (football Uk ) out in New York state, my dream was to meet Phil Silvers, I was pretty naive!!Well fate plays a bizarre hand at times, and after getting a lift from the camp director, was in the back of he car with a kindly octogenarian, who introduced herself as Beatrice Pons, the inimitable wife of Rupert Ritzik......:she was stunned o be remembered, and was a delight, talking all things Bilko,, have a great photo of me and Beatrices at the end, would be very pleased to send this to the website, and details, just let me know
All the best,
Andy Caulton, Amherst New HAMPSHIRE, formerly Burton on Trent

Thanks Andy! Been trying to get in touch with you since reading your story on a website. The Society has been trying to find out Beatrice's whereabouts for many years. Sadly it now seems she has passed on. Please send the image and memories to so we can feature it on the site.
Post number:
3rd of July 2012 09:39 PM by Peter Scott - Belfast N.Ireland
enjoyed your website - lots to come back to read up. Enjoying the DVD but saddened that palns are on hold for the others.
Keep up the good work.
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15th of June 2012 12:09 AM by Simon Rowles
A big thank you from this longtime Phil Silvers fan. A beautiful, informative site packed with facts and photos of the Great Man!
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13th of June 2012 11:29 PM by Bill Williams
Brilliant site!
Post number:
24th of May 2012 12:35 AM by Paul Abercromibie, Notts, UK
Hello fellows!! I was a member back in the mid 1980's. Great to see how you have stayed the course and created this superb tribute to our beloved Phil.
Post number:
7th of May 2012 02:08 PM by Bob Harper, Los Angeles, CA
Stunning tribute to a fabulous comedian. You Brits sure seem to appreciate Phil far more than my own country does!
Post number:
17th of April 2012 12:32 AM by John 'Babe' Santkey
Glad to see you! What a great site this is....a great and deserved tribute to a fine comedian!
Post number:
26th of March 2012 10:16 PM by Terry Wykes
Always been a great fan and watched most of the episodes on british TV bbc as a kid and all the repeats since; the man was pure genius!!!!!

Thanks Terry....we're betting that Phil-fans across the UK are hoping that the Old Sarge will one day make a return to our TV screens!
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18th of March 2012 04:44 PM by Tim Arnold website:
What a wonderful website, and a truly devoted organisation. All concerned should be so pleased at what they have achieved. I remember watching Bilko with my late father.

What surprises me is how modern the series look, even today. True, Phil Silvers is excellent. But it all comes from the writing. If you analyse the lines, it's all: "Set up... punchline," throughout. It's a masterclass in how to write comedy. And it was lying there, waiting to be re-discovered. Not a bit of flab to be cut out; it's all so cut-throat witty.

These scripts, the whole series, are years ahead of their time.

Thank you for all you do. And for bringing a ray of sunshine into a drab, wet, Sunday March afternoon.

Thanks for your wonderful comments Tim.
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8th of February 2012 07:34 PM by Stephen Lee
A life-long fan, as are my parents Ron & Lily Lee both 78 years of age.
I remember the BBC showing the series on Sunday afternoons in the 60's & the late Saturday night showings in the late 70' - early 80's.
I have two tee-shirts: 1 classic mono image & one unique air-brushed caricature style from an artist in Florida.
Post number:
7th of February 2012 05:41 PM by Roy Maybank
My three heroes through life have been (and still are) Ernie Bilko, Ebenezer Scrooge and Punch. What a fine trio to influence a lad.
Post number:
2nd of February 2012 09:16 PM by John Johnston
Such is the power of the internet, and twitter I found this site, and I'm glad I did the only other Bilko connection I had was youtube and my Bilko book. Good work
Post number:
2nd of February 2012 03:46 PM by Steve Wilkinson
Excellent website for a comic genius.if only modern day comedians could bring as much comic talent to the screen as Phil Silvers.
Post number:
14th of January 2012 11:53 AM by Mikey Allen
Great news that season 2 of Nat Hiken's superb Car 54, Where Are You? is coming to DVD. Let's hope that CBS see the error of their ways and decide to finally release the other 3 seasons of Nat's other superb comedy series, The Phil Silvers Show.

We couldn't agree more with you Mikey!
Post number:
11th of January 2012 11:09 PM by Mark Rodgers
Love The Phil Silvers Show and your marvelous website. Like all fans I am disappointed about the lack of official releases however have reasonable copies of all the episodes. Just watched Rock'N'Roll Rookie again and a thought occurred to me. Does anyone know if Elvis Presley was ever approached to appear in person in this episode? Keep the memories alive!
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30th of December 2011 03:52 PM by Michael Price
Phil Silvers is, without a doubt, the greatest and most unique comedian in history. I just caught a full 70mm print of "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World" last night at the American Cinematheque in Hollywood and, of course, Phil's every scene, every moment, brought the house down. I am a writer on "The Simpsons" and I believe it was watching that movie and, more specifically, the performance of Phil Silvers, as a little kid that inspired me to want to be a comedy writer. Thanks for this website -- it's wonderful!

Thanks Michael for your wonderful comments. As huge fans of The Simpsons ourselves it's great honour that you've taken the time to sign the Guest Book. IAMMMMW was my introduction to Phil and the film remains my favourite to this day. Both Steve and I agree that it was perhaps Phil's finest big-screen performance and I know that Phil was proud of his contribution to the film. Glad to hear you like the site too - it's a labour of love for us both! Keep in touch....Gladaseeya!!
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29th of December 2011 02:51 AM by Ian K McLachlan
I've just found your website after writing an article about the Bilko DVDs for my local paper. I am disappointed that Paramount DVD do not seem to want to release the three other seasons of the show. Perhaps with more Birtish fans they might do a specific region 2 release if we ask them. COuld we perhaps have a contact email for Paramount DVD UK?
I will have a look around the site tomorrow.
Post number:
20th of December 2011 07:36 PM by Mark Fairfield
Just saw the Phil Silvers or Bust and wondered if anyone had any idea how much this was worth as I have the chance to buy one? I was also lucky enough to pick up a CBS pen given to Phil in the 50s with a letter from his daughter confirming its authenticity
Post number:
17th of December 2011 10:49 AM by John Trueman
Still the greatest comedy of all time.

Thanks Phil
Post number:
14th of December 2011 05:40 PM by Mark Fairfield
Thanks for the website, still my favorite all time Phil and love bilko....keep up the good work guys
Post number:
30th of November 2011 01:53 PM by doug fannen
still funniest sitcom ever
Post number:
28th of November 2011 04:25 PM by Dave Wiley
Stunning site.....superb tribute to a great comedian!
Post number:
24th of November 2011 08:04 PM by Peter H
So many great shows from those days are in black and white, which probably puts many TV executives off airing them regularly nowadays. That's a shame, because some of them are timeless comedy. I would include the Bilko shows as timeless comedy. Maybe they should colorise the shows and put them out again on TV? I'm sure the owners of the show will make a tidy sum from Bilko DVDs and online media anyhow- good luck to them! What a unique talent Silvers had.

Thanks for your comments Peter! Many purists would argue that colourising The Phil Silvers Show would ruin it. Personally, as a life-long fan of the Old Sarge, I'd love to see a colourised version. The technique used a few years back to colourise some of the old Lucy shows was magnificent.
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23rd of November 2011 04:22 PM by Graham Laird
Finally managed to view "The Lost Audition Show" - part of the 50th Anniversary DVD - which is virtually the same as the first episode " New Recruits" with some fascinating facts.

Although the film is grainy it is an absolute gem which throws up some astonishing facts:- The Chaplain/Padre is actually played by Jimmy Little (Sgt Grover), not John Gibson; Colonel Hall is not played by Paul Ford; and Cpl Henshaw is not played by Allan Melvin.

I know that this will not be a "Light Bulb" moment for Steve and Mick but it's an epiphany for me! Can anybody provide details of the actors playing Col Hall/Cpl Henshaw?

No info on the chap who played Colonel Hall yet - but it was Jack Warden who played Henshaw. Jack went on to appear in films such as Shampoo, Heaven Can Wait, All The President's Men, Used Cars and The Verdict. On TV he enjoyed huge success in Crazy Like A Fox. Jack passed away aged 85 in 2006.
Post number:
1st of November 2011 12:02 AM by Albert Dean, Devon, UK
Tremendous site and a stunning tribute to Phil Silvers.

Thank you for your words of support Albert, truly appreciated.
Post number:
17th of October 2011 09:33 AM by Stuart Cullen
Just found your site. Most enjoyable. You may want to add another screen appearance for Phil:

"The Girl Can't Help It," staring Jayne Mansfield. Made in 1956, it was probably the best rock 'n' roll film ever made, with Little Richard, Fats Domino, Eddie Cochran, etc.. It has the brilliant dream scene with Tom Ewell in which Julie London sings 'Cry me a River.' Phil plays a milkman standing in the street holding two milk bottles. When Jayne sashays past him up some house steps, his eyes pop out and the bottle tops burst open and all the milk spills over. I suppose this could be described as a seminal scene. (groan) Surprised it got past the censor! Good luck with the site. I shall keep in touch.

Thanks for your comments Stuart. It's not actually Phil in the sequence you mention but an actor called Richard Collier who, in the blink-and-you'll-miss-it sequence, bears a resemblance to Phil.
Post number:
9th of October 2011 06:25 PM by Jack Reid
Hi there,

Just found some of the UK lobby cards for "You're in the Army Now" from 1941 and wondered if any of you clever people could tell me how many there were in the set (I have 8). The card is very low quality tho so my chances of finding the others is slim I guess should any be missing.
Thanks for any help and congrats on such a comprehensive site


Jack...your UK lobby card set is complete. There were several YITAN lobby card sets issued in both colour and black and white, both in the US and the UK. All were issued in sets of 8 which was the industry norm.